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What Insiders are Saying about Helzberg

Helzberg in Merrillville, IN


By Marisa C.

Just wanted to say that we have received great customer service from this jeweler. They really do care about their customers!! The sales people went out of their way to show us exactly what we were looking for and I will defiantly be back!! Thanks again for great customer service!!

Helzberg in Mesquite, TX


By Shelly W.

If you are looking for an honest and dependable jewelry store, Helzberg Diamonds is your choice! I have personally done business with them for many years. They are very friendly and helpful. It's always nice to stop in there and have your jewelry cleaned while you are shopping.

Helzberg in Rockaway, NJ


By diane r.

DO NOT BUY AN ENGAGEMENT RING FROM THEM!!!!! My fiance bought my beautiful ring from them in June. He paid almost $12,000 for my ring. Ring is beautiful, excellent-first class diamond. However, they charged him almost $10,000 for a diamond that should have only been sold for $3,000. I had 3 appraisals on this ring, each coming in lower and lower. Each jeweler who looked at the ring said he was ripped off and to return it. THere is a $4,000 dollar discrepancy between sale price and appraisal. I can not get the ring insured as of right now. We confronted them about the discrepancy and they said it was up to their "corporate offices". A week later they came back and said they felt it was a fair market price and would not refund the difference or adjust the price so I could get it insured. They felt their price is fair because of their commitment to not buying "blood diamonds" and we get their services....which are lifetime inspections and repairs, Hardly worth the price he paid. We are returning my ring and starting over. My fiance is furious and I feel awful that they took advantage of his good nature and willingness to want to purchase an expensive ring. They marked it up almost 60%. I can't even look at my ring anymore without feeling guiltly and heartbreak for my fiance. He can't look at it now without getting angry and feeling betrayed. They have ruined what was supposed to be such a happy time for us all for the almighty dollar.

Helzberg in Mays Landing, NJ


By Barbara P.

Great location, my friend has been a customer at this store for a long time. She has bought some really beautiful pieces from here. They are fairly expensive in my opinion.