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What Insiders are Saying about Hertz Rent A Car

Hertz Rent A Car in Chicago, IL


By Laura G.

Our car got hit & we needed to rent a car for about 4- 7 days till our car was fixed. I called Hertz because we get a discount with them from our credit card & dont have to pay for insurance. These guys are the best.They had the car I reserved ready to go, I was in & out in 5 minutes. Every one there was Very Efficent ,Yet at the same time they were very friendly. They got you in & out as quick as possible but left you feeling that you could hang out & chat all day if you wanted to. I was very happy with my experiance at Hertz

Hertz Rent A Car in Broomfield, CO


By Abby B.

I rented a hummer h2 from hertz in may 2005. They were the only car rental place that rented very luxuries cars. I choose the hummer h2 which was the most exspensive car they had. They got the best selection of cars in colorado. I rented it for one day. Everything was good, except the hummer had this annoying rubber cover for the xm radio the kept banging the roof of the car whenever you drove on the highway. I explained this to a hertz customer service rep, but he didn't care any bit. I thought a discout of some sort should have been arranged. PROS: Car selection, Prices, CONS: no discount for defetive vehicle

Hertz Rent A Car in Las Vegas, NM


By Katie R.

I love Hertz1 They are a very good car rental company. They have good weekly rates. They will bring the car to you. This is an excellent service. They will pick you up at the airport and get you all settled into your rental care. They offer deals on certain cars and you can always get a rental. Hertz all the way!

Hertz Rent A Car in Englewood, CO


By Helaman E.

This Hertz is located in an unassuming gas station in Englewood, about 5 miles across the GW Bridge from Manhattan. The prices to rent a car here are about half what it costs in Manhattan, so it is advantageous to rent there and take a bus over the bridge to pick it up. Dropping it off is another story. The staff generally isn't too much a problem but bear in mind that you do have to be 25 to rent.

Hertz Rent A Car in Seattle, WA


By Nick D.

These guys have it down. If you fly into Boeing Field and are in need of a good FBO or other services they are tough to beat. Great courtesy cars, great customer service. Definately pay them a visit! They are a little on the pricey side but treat you with complete respect as a pilot and a gentleman/gentlewoman. Flight instruction here is very expensive but very high quality. PROS: Respectful staff CONS: Pricey