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What Insiders are Saying about Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails in Nashua, IA


By valerie c.

This is an excellent place! The pedicure leg massage is the very best around. They take their time and do a very thorough job. I have been to more upscale salons, but none offer the leg massage like this place.

Hollywood Nails in Morton Grove, IL


By Karen K.

Hollywood Nails is where I go to take care of my routine beauty needs. Mani/Pedi $35 (Plus Lisa's Flower Art on my BIG toe(s) ALWAYS gets me compliments - an $5 extra but very worth it!) They do a really nice job on threading my eyebrows (a task I only trust to Cindy & Lisa) Good choice of nail color, massaging pedi chairs and friendly smiles. Don't be surprised to see your friends in here too! I see friends in there that I never knew went to Hollywood Nails!

Hollywood Nails in Irving, IL


By Lucia S.

I just recently went to Hollywood Nails & Spa in Irving Tx and I had a SPECTACULAR experience from the time I walked into the door to the time I left. The tech did an amazing pedicure using all autoclave sterilized tools and my Solar nails are fabulous!!! I've had many acrylic nails put on but these have surpassed them all:O) They look very natural and thin NO ugly bulk on top of the nail. The salon is very clean and sanitary and all the techs speak really good English which makes it much easier to communicate exactly what you want. Overall its a GREAT establishment and I will be returning there for years to come! The exact Salon I'm speaking of is the Hollywood Nails & Spa on N. MacArthur Blvd.

Hollywood Nails in Houston, AK


By Maria L.

I like their swervices. Special their 3D & Marble designs nails art. Moreover, their shop clean and relaxing. Should come and try their services.

Hollywood Nails in Linden, AL


By Jenn D.

I have been going here for about 10 years. Yen is the MAN!!! I get pink and white acrylic with the UV gel. They always come out awesome.. and whenever I get them done some place else randomly I am always disappointed. In my own opinion this is the best place around to get your nails done.. GO YEN!!!

Hollywood Nails in Pennsauken, NJ


By Tina G.

i like this place and i don't. it is always too packed and i can't ever get everything done in one visit.I would like them to think about that more then packing in like sardines.

Hollywood Nails in Oakland, AR


By cuong p.

yesterday,i come there.i like everybody in the nails shop.they did everything for my nice.i way back.thanhs you everybody worker in queen nails 2.

Hollywood Nails in Auburn, AL


By LMC 1.

LIKES: I got my first pedicure there and it was super nice and relaxing. I also got a gift cert for my grandmother ( and my self )who is a diabetic, she needs her feet done once a month and it really helps. I will go back again, nice people a little weird. I watched them clean the tubs after and get the instruments out of the sterilizer, that was good. my nail polish stayed on for over 2 months! Descent prices. DISLIKES: The only thing that was yucky was they cleaned your instruments in the tub while they switched feet, but it was your foot junk, so it doest matter because the tub was hot and it washed it all away. They talked in their language making fun of my grandmother's bad feet, but as long as she doesn't know, I didnt say anything, shes 85.