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What Insiders are Saying about Hollywood Video

Hollywood Video in Marietta, GA


By Delores D.

I have been to this locations several times and the service is always above board. I am sorry that the other locations have closed down, and woe the day that this one leaves. Hollywood video has a lot of competition but they still offer the lowest prices in renting and buying. God bless their hearts!

Hollywood Video in Waltham, MA


By Tiffany T.

This is a new video rental place. I used to go to Blockbuster all the time, but Hollywood is much better. They have a larger selection of movies, and they have always had the movie I wanted when I've gone there. It's still a bit expensive to rent a movie, but cheaper than going to the movies!

Hollywood Video in Lake In The Hills, IL


By Patricia W.

Sometimes I like to watch movies that are old or not main stream. This place has a lot of those. They can actually tell you in what section to look for whatever you want, and the lines to check out are fairly quick. They also have a games section that the kids really love. PROS: LOCATION, PRICE, KNOW WHERE MOVIES ARE CONS: NONE

Hollywood Video in Frisco, CO


By Kelsey j.

This is one of the best Hollywood video stores I have been to. it is a bit smaller than usual but the great service and the awesome selection for used movies you can buy is far better than normal. Every time I have walked in the store I have been greeted by an employee and everytime I have a question they're always there to help. I will be a return customer to this store, until I move away.

Hollywood Video in Dickinson, AL


By Meagen M.

Hollywood Video has a very broad selection of vidoes to choose from. The location is a perfect place to pop in and out. The movie selection varies from childrens to adults. I do not remember the price to rent a movie, but it is not too expensive. Yet, I would recommend checking the library before paying to rent a movie.

Hollywood Video in North Las Vegas, NV


By cassie y.

it's pretty gewd store. not too far from where i live. has most of the movies i want to rent. it's like 1 out of 5 that i never get to rent the movie that i want

Hollywood Video in Garden Grove, CA


By marisa s.

This is a great store where to rent movies from. They still have lots of tapes that are cheaper to rent and they are selling them for very affordable prices, under 3 dollars.

Hollywood Video in Stanhope, NJ


By Claudia W.

I LOVE Hollywood video! All of the employees here are really passionate about movies and will gladly make recommendations! The feel in the store is that you're in a Hollywood-type environment and it's actually FUN to shop there! The prices are reasonable and if you get on the mailing list you get lots of great coupons! Also, if you purchase a videogame system, you can free rentals every month! Each rental is 5 days.

Hollywood Video in Chula Vista, CA


By jake h.

The Hollywood Video on East H street is an awesome place to rent movies and video games and also to buy used and new movies and video games along with video game accessories and platforms. With all the newest releases and great movie theater-type food, this is without a doubt one of the best places to rent and buy movies and video games (and they don't swindle you like Blockbuster.)

Hollywood Video in Tacoma, WA


By Kristy C.

Hollywood video always has a HUGE selection of dvd's. They also have a long running deal of 4 used dvd's for 20 dollars.. I don't know where else you could find a deal like that!

Hollywood Video in Frederick, MD


By Shawn S.

Hollywood Video has a good selection of videos. The 5 day rental period is a true five days. Not like Blockbuster. They also have a vast selection of previously viewed videos. The previously viewed videos have a guarantee and frequently go on sale. I have not had a problem with any of the previously viewed vidoes that I have purchased.

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