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What Insiders are Saying about Home Depot

Home Depot in Chelsea, AL


By william S.

I recently rented a floor sander from the homedepot in Chelsea, MA and the equipment was brand new, the sales help was friendly and knowledgable and the advice and tips given were right on the money. Honestly, I've used other homedepots all around, but this is the only homedepot that has friendly, curtious and sincerely helpful workers. Customer service must be important to the managers of this store because it is carried through not only in a few departments but it is a core thread that runs through each department including the cashiers. How many times I have experiencedcashiers who donoteven look at you or say thank you despite how much I spend in a store. However, the ones who talk on their cell phones, I suppose, should be exempt from this category since they obviously obviouslycan't multi-task. LOL

Home Depot in Richardson, TX


By Joy C.

I had been here to purchase an all-new LED flat screen tv. I have been well-satisfied with their recommendation. Enjoying watching TV shows and movies now!

Home Depot in Lafayette, CO


By Chris F.

I go to Home Depot a few times a week (for my job), and I'm basically satisfied with the store. Customer service is pretty good, and the selection is good also. The store is clean, and if something isn't in stock, they're pretty good about ordering for me. I particularly like their paint selection- many brands & colors.

Home Depot in Sugar Land, TX


By M&L Garage Door Repair S.

This is our toy store! Truly a heaven there. Service reps are great and very helpful!

Home Depot in Las Vegas, NM


By Gaby B.

I prefer buying appliances in this store. It is near our home and convenient.

Home Depot in Deptford, NJ


By Mike H.

This store and possible all Home Depots could have performed illegal plumbing services at your home. They have been convicted! check out the story on www.MyNJPlumber.com

Home Depot in El Cajon, CA


By John P.

Everytime I go into this store I am misdirected for the items I need. I was going to buy carpet there in December, they sent someone to measure my job. Then I was told to go to the store and pick the carpet. I needed commercial grade. The clerk on Monday night walked off on me and another customer 4 times, we both left. Went back on Tuesday , the same clerk and he left me again. On Thursday my wife and I went in, NO SURPRISE we were told look at the carpet after waiting 45 minute for the clerk to come back ( you guessed it) we left. Went to another place looked at carpet, salesman went with us measured what we needed completed the paperwork. 2 days later they put the carpet in. They took 3 days told. Home Depot took 7 plus and we walked out over being left by the clerks 3 times

Home Depot in Kent, CT


By Mark J.

1 1/2 hour wait to look at countertops while the employees sat in front of us and had a customer service meeting!-we bought elsewhere.(7k) Went back for appliances with styles and models pre picked out and they couldnt figure out how to ring them up in over an hour-we went elsewhere-(6k) and today our 3rd appointment was just missed for ordering our cabinets (they missed last night and 2 weeks ago as well)(10k) so we have tried to spend 23k with them and havent been able to spend a penny-f'n morons work at this store!!!!No wonder they are loosing market to Lowes.

Home Depot in Manassas, VA


By Thomas L.

. Staff can't help, few and far between.

About Home Depot

Headquartered in Vinings, Georgia, Home Depot is the largest retailer of home improvement products in the world serving both do-it-yourself consumers as well as home improvement professionals. Home Depot carries many exclusive brands including Ryobi, Glacier Bay faucets, Behr paints, and Thomasville cabinetry. Home Depot's slogan is: "You Can Do It. We Can Help."