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Harry J. Hoenselaar patented a machine that could slice the perfect ham and has shared that tradition for 40 years with by founding the Honey Baked Ham Company. Find Honey Baked Ham Company locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham in Stone Mountain, GA


By farrah w.

i lvoe their turkey thatthey make. They are a very clean place that makes some of the best meat i have ever tasted. The service is nice and they ask you everything you want with a smile. i would recommend this place for any family get together,especially for people who can't cook.

Honey Baked Ham in Nashua, NH


By Magdalena M.

Honey Baked Ham is one of the best ham I have eaten. I can't get enough of it. I will go out of my way to buy it. It taste so good. My Thanksgiving will be the best this year with my HONEY BAKED HAM. Magda from MA

Honey Baked Ham in Arlington, AL


By Ham G.

Hamalicious. Hamtabulous, Hamfreekintacular! Hamcredible! Good Ham lives here! Then I take it home and it dies there. Because I EAT IT! They have good other stuff too.

Honey Baked Ham in Sugar Land, TX


By Susan H.

We love this place. The hams are what we buy here. They are delicious and are great to have as leftovers. The service is always good and nice. The place is clean. If it's a holiday, you'll have to wait in line. If I remember correctly, you'll also need to preorder for a holiday.

Honey Baked Ham in Henderson, AR


By Peggy E.

Hungry for excellent food? This store has the best turkeys and hams and all of the trimmings needed for you to take home and have a first class dinner at home.

Honey Baked Ham in Springfield, AR


By Ron I.

When the holidays are here and you don't feel like cooking, Honey baked is the way to go. Their spiral ham is moist, tender and juicy.It's great. Their ribs are also great.

Honey Baked Ham in Escondido, CA


By Shari G.

This location isnt as good as it used to be. We ordered a whole ham for our wedding five years ago, and it was moist and delicious. We picked up a quarter ham last Thanksgiving and it seemed dry compared to what we had before. I tried them again about a week ago, and it was dry and saltier than before. Maybe they changed ownership or something, but it is not the same place it was five years ago :(

Honey Baked Ham in Tacoma, WA


By Abbie B.

I often frequent this store for lunch and they do make a good one. The woman who typically works the front is very friendly and really makes this place what it is for the owner. She keeps this place clean as a whistle. My favorite would have to be their soups. It's great for a day like today when it's CHILLY!

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