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What Insiders are Saying about Hooters Restaurant

Hooters Restaurant in Grapevine, TX


By Kendra C.

Who doesn't love some good old wings, girls in short shorts, sports on television, and beer? I know every guy does like atleast one of those! Well Hooters would definately be the place to get all that combined into one sitting, but don't try it at the Hooters in Grapevine. The service was awful. There were open tables but we got told they were full and waited 30 minutes to be seated. Our waitress was very rude, she even spilled some of our drinks. The wings were very good. There was crickets everywhere, and I hate bugs! (what girl doesn't?) If you every decide to go to this location, don't expect good service, because more than likely, you won't get it.

Hooters Restaurant in Loveland, CO


By SR J.

I take my husband here all the time. We just love it. The service is great, the specials are even better and who doesn't like a place to meet great people, have great service food and football. I would recommend Hooters to anyone who enjoys a relaxing fun time.

Hooters Restaurant in League City, TX


By Dawn D.

The service is great, very rarely have to wait for a seat, but the Wings are absolutely the best. You will NEVER find a imitation that will match them. What more can you say.

Hooters Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV


By Nicole B.

Casnio is fun but the resturants are always the best. The girls are really funny and nice but i would have to say when selecting these gals make sure they have some hooters thus the name. The food is ok for the price its another fun gag resturant the tourist like. I would take a family memeber from out of town there if they asked to go.

Hooters Restaurant in Burbank, CA


By Mike C.

Hooters in Burbank is a FUN place! The girls are always super friendly and make me feel welcome the second I walk in the door. Plenty of good beers on tap, plus wines and mixed drinks. Good burgers, great fries, really good chili, and fantastic wings. Try Daytona wings, naked, add a dollar for all drums -- BEST on the menu! If you don't see your game on TV, ask and they'll put it on. I have NEVER had less than a good time there and each return visit is even better.

Hooters Restaurant in Wayne, NJ


By karen s.

Went here to wrap up my friend's birthday party and catch the end of a devil's game. Public birthday embarrassment on top of a chair was well worth dealing with some guy in the corner watching the giants game and screaming very loudly over anything. Apparently they also run theme nights at least 3 nights a week. Trivia night even has prizes.

Hooters Restaurant in New Castle, DE


By Marjie L.

Believe it or not I took my teenage daughter their for lunch one day and to also ask if they would support her in Fundraiser she was having for Oprah's Angel Network, they gave us wings for a contest, Tee shirts and gift certificates. They are not bad like a lot of us think they were not more reveling then a waitress working at a beach restaurant. We will go back again (In the afternoon).