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What Insiders are Saying about Hot Topic

Hot Topic in Kennesaw, GA


By ben a.

i like this store a lot but i don't like the people that work their they just follow the kids that they think is going to steal from their but i never stolen any thing their so they really need to stop

Hot Topic in Saugus, MA


By amy r.

Hot Topic has all kinds of oddities for Halloween, and all year round. It is the only place I could find any novelty items for Napolean Dynamite. I have so much fun shopping in there. For punx and ogths it is the ultimate in fashion fun. I was also pleased to find that they sell plus-sized clothing for the gothic girl. Kudos to Hot Topic. You don't see that very often in a store geared towards youth. Young girls can be big girls, too. I recommend Hot Topic in the highest for all your dark fashion needs.

Hot Topic in Grapevine, AR


By Emme G.

Hot Topic is appropriately named by selling items that are "hot now" and super trendy. They have something for everyone, and no everything is not all goth. We've purchased tees and backpacks there for our 6 year old daughter. My husband and I love their quirky tees. The staff is super sweet, and the clearance section is worth the stop. Nice location too. PROS: Sweet staff. CONS: Small spaces.

Hot Topic in Denver, CO


By courtney w.

When i first walked into hot topic this store scared me. I think this store is a label store it's only meant for one type of style! They have really cute hair clips, belts, and body piercing.

Hot Topic in Sugar Land, TX


By Patricia L.

This store is great for all you rockers out there. Hot Topic has a great selection of clothes, patches, music, dvds, jewelery, posters, and much more. They also play really great music in the store too. Hot Topic has a frequent shoppers program in which you can save 10% after a certain amount of purchases. Whether you are punk, alternative, goth, etc, Hot Topic is the place to be. Hot Topic has hot merchandise. PROS: Hot Topic has great products and a nice feel. CONS: Hot Topic doesn't have to great of discounts and sales.

Hot Topic in Las Vegas, NM


By Chloe D.

Horrid, horrid, work. I hate everything in hot topic!!! It's so creepy, they have really stupid stuff like fingerless, studded, leather gloves. One time I walked in there with my friend and we had no parent. This wierd lady with blue hair and neon eye shadow said , "Hello! Since your parents aren't around, do you want a free piercing?" And we RAN AWAY!!! She tried to chase us, also! Never step foot into hot topic!

Hot Topic in Freehold, NJ


By Antonia H.

This is one of my favorite stores to shop in and always the first places I stop when at the mall. If you are into punk fashions and modern rock music then this place is for you. They have everything, for both guys and girls, including punk/rock shirts, skirts, jeans, studded belts, jewelry, band T-shirts, tights, hair extensions, nose rings, etc. They even have hot punk lingerie. And I think the prices are very reasonable, perfect for a working teenager. Check it out.

Hot Topic in Bensalem, PA


By Jasmine A.

I would live in this store if I could. they have great, creative designs and I'm a huge fan of their movie memoribelia collection. People are excedingly nice and helpful, and the prices and reasonable.

Hot Topic in San Diego, CA


By Karla L.

Hot topic is pretty gay, BUT if you want anime, or band-tees it's a good place to go. Oh, and they have a pretty good selection of plugs. i get mine there:D

Hot Topic in Pleasanton, CA


By kelly s.

This is the best place in Pleasanton to shop for music and clothes for any kid, teen or up, that you need to buy for. The store is well organized and always has new and crazy things to see. The prices are pretty good and they always have great clearance deals! It is always busy but the staff still manages to be friendly and helpful. The manager, Drew, is a riot! I would go in there just to see him! Yvette and Sean are great too but Drew is amazing! Don't let his brightly colored hair scare you away. He seems to be able to relate to everybody and can always find exactly what you need. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent shopping for the perfect gift, I highly recommend this place! They are very parent friendly!

Hot Topic in Tacoma, WA


By emily h.

When people walk into the store for the first time people kind of take a step back. The sales people look a little different then the conventional store but they are some of the friendlyest people you will find. They are ready to help you with everything you could possibly ask. The one thing that really bugged me is looking at the wall i saw that anarchy and communism is for sale there, which is giving people a mixed message on being yourself.

Hot Topic in Gaithersburg, MD


By karyn k.

Hot Topic is definitely "hot" with the teens, especially teen boys. Very trendy clothing, mainly slogan tees. They have some accessories. Not the place most parents love but the kids really seem to go for this stufff.