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What Insiders are Saying about Ikea

Ikea in Bolingbrook, IL


By Cris J.

Ikea is amazing.They have all kinds of cool and exotic furniture and always at their lowest prices.You just can't get anything better.They have a great staff too.

Ikea in Costa Mesa, CA


By hal s.

We purchased over $ 1000 of merchandise for office furniture. The assembly was so complicated and even after following direction, the screws went through the other side of the wood damaging the drawers. The materials were made so cheaply that the screws would not hold.I would never shop at IKEA, we spent 6 hours trying to assemble the junk and it is so cheaply made that I might as well throw it in the trash. Then when you complain they want you to return the merchandise, which will require me to spend another 6 hours dis assembling it and hauling it back to the store( I already have a back ache from hauling it home and carrying of their warehouse storage ( no help even offered at the store).Bottom line IKEA sold me a $1000.00 worth of junky furniture that did not work and I now have to spend another week end returning it.I will never shop at IKEA again

Ikea in Elizabeth, AR


By toni d.

Watch out, you will be run over! Ikea is a nice store, in theory. Once you go there, MY GOD, people will push you out of the way for a cheap candle. People come from miles around just to be super rude to one another. That being said, they do offer some nice home goods for a low price. They have a lot of unique designs. Make sure you take a look at the mirror and lighting sections. Be careful and inspect your purchase. We got our mattress from here and it was a total rip off. The model was plush and comfortable. We took it home and it was flat! We had to go out and buy and foam mattress topper to make it livable. Too bad, we spent a lot of money on it. 18 months later we are in the market for a new one. Another thing I would never buy from them is a couch. They are super expensive and very cheap looking. Everything else seems to be a good deal.

Ikea in Philadelphia, MO


By Thomas K.

Really good selection, prices are great. Good for storage solutions if you do not have that many closets. Also has a restaurant. Try the Salmon, its really good, not something you would expect from a home furnishings store :) PROS: Good selection, low prices CONS: put stuff together yourself

Ikea in San Diego, CA


By Selina L.

For some reason Ikea seems not to be as popular with myfriends as it used to but I donā??t really understand why. I still donā??t know any other place you can get such a good deal on furniture. This isn't stuff that's made to last a lifetime but it's affordable and looks good. I was able to get almost everything but my bed ( which I got at Macy's) here. I think it's a really good deal.

Ikea in Renton, WA


By Petra R.

The Self-check idea that IKEA implemented is a disaster. It is very bad when a customer's last experience at the check-out counter is frustrating because of long, long lines and people who are not being helped because the one person at the self-check is trying to help eight people at a time and can't keep up. Everyone is exasperated and irritated! Is it worth saving a few $$$ on labor to have half your customers leave frustrated. And donā??t ever attempt to return anything. You will spend at least Ā½ hour in line while they process endless paperwork at a very slow pace and in a rude manner. Thus saidā??they have good ideas and good prices, but my time and sanity is worth a good experience as well!