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What Insiders are Saying about Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box in Fort Worth, TX


By meagan t.

This is a good jack in the box to go too there nice clean and good drive thru time and the food is only hot when you get it and if its not thay thay will let you keep that one and give you aanother one so its hot

Jack in the Box in Katy, TX


By Cuong T.

Jack in the Box completely dominates McDonald's. Sometimes it can cost more, but I'd choose this place over McDonald's anyday. Unfortunately, there's not a Jack in the Box everywhere. I'm just glad it was right across the street from where I used to live.

Jack in the Box in North Las Vegas, NV


By dawona s.

i love thier food n would love to be as one of their team members i also had family members that work for jack n a box in said it were great n that they pay good n they never had any problems with customers or hier co workers so its so interesting in tryable

Jack in the Box in Camarillo, CA


By eugene c.

dear lord this place is phenomenal. On tuesdays I always go and get a beef teriyaki bowl, waffle fries, and an oreo shake. They never fail to deliver. One time I even drove threw and asked for a water and they gave it to me. Service A+! I also tried to breakfast burrito this morning. Gave me the runs but tasted awesome! Love J box! put the crack in yo smile

Jack in the Box in La Jolla, CA


By Roxanne L.

Me and my friends go here all the time after school. We enjoy everything on the menu and they have great service. The convience of going in there is that they are very fast and if there is a long line that there are electronic machines to punch in your order and pay right there. Jack in the box caters to everyones tastes and in la jolla it is always hoppin because its right in the heart of la jolla on pearl.

Jack in the Box in Santa Clara, CA


By Kevin M.

I often drop by here on my home from working at Quality Inn and Suites at 2930 El Camino (by Keiley) because they are always fast and the Chicken Sanwiches, Burgers, Milkshakes, Side Salads etc always taste great. Some Items are only $1. They are always open when I get off work at 11 PM or a little later. The people inside and at the drive up window are always friendly and give great suggestions when I'm wanting to try something new. -KM

Jack in the Box in Federal Way, WA


By E. f.

I eat at that location several times a month. The employees are always were friendly and helpful and seem to have a great time at work (that's a good thing). Sometimes it can take a little while to get the order because the location is so busy

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