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What Insiders are Saying about Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Saugus, MA


By Dannielle L.

Jenny Craig's has an excellent weight loss program that will whip you right into shape fast as long as you follow the plans and workout regularly. It's a great place to work out and learn about keeping your body fit.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Chicago, IL


By M. A. W.

This place is a bit expensive for a weight loss regimen, but they do a good job. They work with you extensively and if you follow their program and have the stamina you will be sure to loose some weight. Their program and products are a bit expensive but if you do end up loosing weight it is well worth it.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Las Vegas, NM


By Jamie V.

I was a member for 6 months it helped me alot to lose some weight. The staff here is great overall, always there if you need to ask a question or just have some concerns. The program is great and the food is good. The only down side to it is tthe food can get expensive if your going to be on the program for a long period of time. I would have stayed on it but after being on it 6 months and buying the jenny craig food and still having to buy food for my family to eat it just got to expensive for us. however it did teach me how to eat better and now i am able to cook more healthy foods for my whole family.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Blackwood, NJ


By Joanne S.

I went to see one of the consultants here once. Just once. It's not at all what they make it out to be. You need to be a really dedicated person with lote of extra pocket money to do this the right way. Not only do you have to pay a membership fee, but they want you to buy all of your meals from them also. They say you can buy your meals on your own, but that it's "better" to buy from them. I do have to say that the people here are very nice, though.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Carlsbad, CA


By anita r.

If your looking to lose weight. This program works. Everyone there is very supportive and they will help you meet your goal. This program works the food is great and if you follow the program, you will lose all the weight you want in a very short time.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in San Bruno, CA


By monica j.

The service at Jenny craig is great the workers really help motivate you . The price to purchase the food from Jenny Craig is way to expensive I think that is the only bad part.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Woodinville, WA


By Conde H.

Are you shopping around for a good weight loss center? Look no further as you have found the right place! Over the past 35 + years I have been to three weight loss centers & the first 2 were failures for me. The first one I went to was good, you weigh in when you get there and then sit in a group with a speaker who goes over the current helpful ways of watching your weight. After about six mo's, I finally got tired of having to weigh my food or watch for the level of liquid I was to drink on a daily basis. I went to this co. five times over a ten year period & it only helped me lose all the weight I wanted since that time I was committed....but guess what happened after I got to maintaining....I regained what I had lost & then some...Then through the help of a company I was working for I went to another weight loss center...After six months of those yellow boxes filled with what was supposed to be food...Yes, you guessed it, the boxes started to pile up & yes, I regained the weight I lost & then some..It has been a good 15 or so years since I went to the last weight loss center & now that I have the beginnings of some health issues, it was time to take another look into the weight loss centers...Looked up Jenny Craig on the internet & found exactly what I had been wanting...a center that delt with diabetes! Gave them a call and it has been (almost) marrital bliss ever since. When I say (almost) it doesn't refer to the wonderful staff on hand. They are extremely friendly & helpful. The food, oh the food! YUM! Really, honestly, it is REAL food! It tastes FABULOUS! Unfortunately, I can't have a lot of the food listed on the four pages of FAB foods! I have to look for the lowest sodium content on each box as my feet & legs swell up like no tomorrow! We did find a great mix of entree's, lunch, dinner & snacks which I'm quite thrilled with. You can add in your salads, more vegi's, water..(lot's of water is a key)...& yes, of course, exercise! My only regret: I wish I had discovered Jenny Craig 35 + years ago! RIGHT ON JENNY CRAIG!!

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center in Fairfax, CA


By Fairfax City Review S.

The most well organized and effective weight loss service in city of Fairfax on Main Street. I joined them last month. No matter what your current body situation is they will provide the best consultants to meet your needs by developing flexible plans to reach your goals. I availed the deal of losing 20lbs for $20 only plus the cost of food. However occasionally it gets crowded during weekdays and you may have to shout to get the attention of the staff. They need to have a proper organization and I will give them five stars when they cater this problem. Review by JnK@cityreviews-tv7.comĀ©