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What Insiders are Saying about Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's in Las Vegas, NM


By Ann A.

I used to order from here all the time because I like their sandwiches...especially the speedy DELIVERY...those days are over. I have ordered from here about four (4) times recently, each time hoping for better service, but each time has been a disappointment...whether it?s untimely deliver, delivering to the wrong address, etc., this JJ?s needs improvement indeed, unless you can to wait a few hours for your delivery order...don't order delivery from here.

Jimmy John's in College Park, MD


By Jack L.

It's called "Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich" but the word gourmet is just part of the tag line - the sandwiches are pretty comparable in quality to what you get at the other sandwich shops in College Park. The true defining aspect of Jimmy John's is something else entirely: speed. The couple of times I called in an order for delivery, there was a delivery guy at my doorstep within about 15 minutes. I was shocked - it felt like I had just ordered and there was a guy with my food. The couple of times I went into the store for carryout, there would be one guy at the register and one guy behind the counter making sandwiches. As soon as I told them my order, the one guy would start ringing me up and the other one would get to work on my sandwich. The one behind the counter would literally be done making my sandwich by the time the other one was handing me my receipt. That's about as fast as fast-food gets.