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John Deere in New York, NY


By Sarah C.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Johnny Lee upon the recommendation of a doctor friend. I was told that he was a PCP and cardiologist. The waiting area of Dr. Lee's office was very nice and the office provided a number of magazines to read. Once I was called in to his office, he asked me what my heart difficulties were, to which I responded "None that I know of." Apparently, he is only a heart specialist and no longer serves as a PCP. He was kind enough to give me a referral to a nearby doctor, Dr. Oliver Pacifico. He even had his assistant call Dr. Pacifico's office to see if there were any immediate openings. In addition to being nice and helpful, Dr. Lee has a great clinical reputation. Call his office if you need a cardiologist in Manhattan. PROS: helpful, nice, courteous CONS: none

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