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What Insiders are Saying about Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets in Providence, KY



I love this place. It's the coolest 50's look restaurant and I love the music and that you can play your own tunes. I love the way they dress in 50's like car hops. I had a strawberry banana float that was to die for and a tune melt that was real good. It only costs about 10bucks. I want to go there right now. The customer service is excellent. This place is going to make it and stay on top.

Johnny Rockets in Arlington, AL


By Mary G.

I love this place for lunch! There is usually a wait but not long at all. The burgers are to die for, these are real burgers, made of real beef. My favorite is the smokehouse, burger, chedar, onion ring, and a best ranch BBQ sauce ever. Wait staff is always friendly and you'll have a fun time with the juke box.

Johnny Rockets in Philadelphia, MO


By Arlene U.

This isn't a bad place to stop when you're walking south street. Especially if you are in the mood for a milkshake. It can get a little crowded due to the location but it is a pretty friendly diner type place that seems to be pretty consistent with their food and service. Traditional amercian food that hits the spot after a long day of walking around.

Johnny Rockets in Auburn, AL


By Patty S.

What I love about this resturaunt is I can take my whole family there, even my vegetarian daughter. We all ordered old-fashioned hamburgers and shakes, and she ordered a regular hamburger, but she was given the option to replace the meat with a Boca Burger (veggie burger)! We all had a great time. The place looked great, decorated in a 50's-60's theme with jukeboxes on every table, the only thing missing was waitresses on rollerskates! The food was good, but the fries didnt have one piece of salt on them. Other than that, fantastic. I highly recommend coming here, and I will return soon enough.