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What Insiders are Saying about Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Webster, FL


By kathy b.

I have gone here several times, hoping it would be better, but i have been disappointed each and every time. This KFC, is always dirty, ( tables are not washed down, or the bathrooms are just disguising). Almost noone speaks English, so you are having problems communicating with the staff. Staff are talking on their cell phones, telling you to wait till they are finished with the call, before taking your order.....

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Puyallup, WA



food is pretty standard, service is good, friendly staff, and while I always go thru the drive thru, hardly ever a wait. They recently did a remodel of the inside but I haven't seen it. Fried chicken is a fav but I only indulge maybe once a month. This is the place I go!

Kentucky Fried Chicken in La Plata, MD


By Thomas G.

This particular restaurant has been rebuilt after a tornado tore through the town of LaPlata just a few years ago. All that was left was one brick wall. Food here is good- typical KFC. Service is good.