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Keybank in Imperial Beach, CA


By Catherine F.

This is an excellent ice cream parlor/coffee place. Most people do not know about the coffee part so most people just get ice cream there. It's situated right at the Imperial Beach pier, literally just a few steps away from the sand. It's definitely a great place to stop by after hitting the waves.

Keybank in Kirkland, WA


By andra i.

because of you, my morning and afternoon naps get disturbed with about 100 rings a day...i am not kidding! one day i counted the rings and one person let the phone ring 32 times before hanging up. i stopped answering my house phone because it's never for me! it's always someone either trying to sell me something or it's someone wanting to speak with someone from key bank. the poster of this information was incorrect and i'll give you folks the correct number. the closest number for key bank that i could find to my home number is 206-447-3012. try it! please so that i can sleep peacefully after a long day at work and school!

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