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What Insiders are Saying about Kmart

Kmart in Peachtree City, GA


By lisa s.

i was very pleased with the customer service that the layaway associate siemon provided on 11-8-07. he was very polite and sincere. and he did not mind answering any of the questions i asked him pertaining to my layaway. i was amazed that someone as young as siemon had such great people skills, and came across as friendly as well. he took his time and did everything correctly the first time. i highly recommend that jim the store manager give this young man a raise and/or a promotion... lisa s.

Kmart in Fall River, MA


By Chris l.

It is a ncie store but dont beat walmart I love walmart and this store is a mini of it and really alot of people come in and say that the prices are just about the same. I like this store its small and clean and the people are very helpful. They sell everything from home to office to cleaning supllies it is good and useful store so come in and shop they are a fun store to spend your money at. it is a cheap store

Kmart in Woodstock, AL


By bob b.

I love K-Mart. The store is almost always empty and there are hardly any lines at the checkouts. There is a very cute girl working at one of the registers and she really needs to wear some shirts to show off her sweater meat a little better. I mean they are a spectacular pair and I some times go there just to see them.

Kmart in White Settlement, TX


By Paula J.

KMart left the Dallas/Ft. Worth area quite some time ago. In fact, Kmart left North Texas nearly a decade ago, after it filed for bankruptcy in 2002. We are talking years now. Do you ever update your listings?

Kmart in Littleton, CO


By Alyce P.

there is always plenty of staff on hand to help you. The store is usually pretty clean but sometimes the floors need swept. The merchandise can be a bit unorganized and out of order at times.

Kmart in Webster, TX


By Ruth T.

Please bring KMART back to HOUSTON TX!!!!!

Kmart in Las Vegas, NM


By Laura R.

i love this store I was in there 2 days ago and their prices are very low the store is very clean and the employees are very friendly and helpful. They have a huge parking lot and the store was well stocked. They also had the items they had advertised in their ad. i am very pleased with their service.

Kmart in Anaheim, CA


By Jasmin C.

Once on Christmas Eve i went to Kmart and when i entered everything was well-organized!And then my eye caught a book of "HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE!"

Kmart in New York, NY


By Jacqueline G.

Kmaarat has incredible Customer Service!!.........I never write reviews. I just don't. I also find that I am more inclined to think about writing a review when I am dissatisfied, however, I couldn't NOT write a review this time. I purchased a clearance entertainment center for 299$ was an awesome deal! However shipping was 139$.....still a great deal for the product. The package came in two packages so I opted to have the office at my old address refuse delivery and then I would re-order. Well, several days later I got one package. I called UPS to ask where the other package was and they said one had been delivered at the old place and one at the new place. I call my old place and they insisted it wasn't there. So now I had 1/2 of an entertainment center. UGH..... WELL i COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG -- THEY WERE AWESOME! FIRST, the rep I got did everything he could to locate another unit online and in the stores so they would just send me it.......but because it was on clearance there were none available......which saddens me because I really wanted it, however, then I started worrying about how they weren't going to refund me because I only had 1/2 the unit. The rep told me I would get a full refund. I know Kmart took a loss on this product BIG TIME...........however, I can tell you for sure that they saved a customer and not only that but I am MUCH more likely to use them then I was before this situation. I will also make sure all my friends know how wonderful this experience was regarding Kmart (not UPS though).......Target was great....... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME EXPERIENCE!! THANK YOU KMART!!!

Kmart in Mantua, NJ


By Theresa M.

This Kmart was recently remodled and also emerged with Sears.I love their prices and also they have a great selection of anything you could ask for. It is always nice and clean.

Kmart in El Cajon, CA


By shelley j.

i dont shop at this kmart cause there is never anyone to help you.always seems to be empty of people when i have gone there.the service is bad there.always have to wait to check out to.

Kmart in San Mateo, CA


By Charles R.

This store is situated right next to Michaels. So, if you can't find something at one of these stores, there's a decent chance the other might carry it. The customer service was very friendly. Today when I went, there was a former NFL football player collecting donations for the March of Dimes -- which was kind of an unexpected treat. The parking lot was clean and I had no trouble finding a space. PROS: Lots of stuff, easy parking. CONS:

Kmart in Kent, WA


By Amy M.

I have found that this particular Kmart is out of items quite often. And also I have found that some products are often cheaper to buy at other stores nearby - which I find kind of odd since it's supposed to be a discount store. The one great thing about this particular store, they always have their $5 pizza on hand for a quick lunch or dinner for a reasonably cheap price. The staff there is generally pretty helpful and friendly. We have had some issues with bad service back in electronics as far as the cell phones and cards go. PROS: Relatively cheap stuff. CONS: Electronics staff seams somewhat clueless.

Kmart in Silver Spring, MD


By Michelle D.

Since the makeover of the Kmart the layout of the store is alot easier to navigate. Ailes are no longer cramped together. Products no longer strewn on the floor for customers to trip over like it was 2 years ago. The employees attitudes have gone from sour to civilised. Overall this store is more pleasant and cleaner than it used to be. The pricing of the products is fair to good depending on the sales going on. There also appears to be more variety of products available now.

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