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What Insiders are Saying about Kohl's

Kohl's in Cumming, GA


By Nicole E.

I love going to my local Kohls store because they always have great sales and even better clearence racks with great percentage offs. I know when i go in, i can always find a great deal for my kids and myself.

Kohl's in Warwick, GA


By James G.

Kohls is a great store to buy all your new clothes for any upcoming season. They have all name brand items for really cheap. Sometimes the racks get really crowded and its hard to move around, but you can look past that because this is a great store. They have a great selection of bedding and a nice gift registry.

Kohl's in Bloomingdale, GA


By Jackie G.

I shop at Kohl's for throwaway clothing items for my grandchildren. I can't bear to spend a lot of money on clothes that they will outgrow in a few months. Kohl's always has nice bargains in the children's department. I also buy throwaway items for myself, such as socks and slippers because it's cheaper here than at other places.

Kohl's in Cedar Hill, MO


By Prisca A.

I love going into Kohl's department stores because I know that I will get what I want, and at a great price. The best time to go for steep sales is on super saturday, because the prices are too good to pass on. I went today and was able to pick up 3 basic shirts for under ten dollars. Cute jackets for youth (even cropped denim ones) were only 19.99 as opposed to paying $50 or higher elsewere. The customer service is great! I have to brag on it, because if they see a problem, they will fix it. No questions asked. I love kohls

Kohl's in Las Vegas, NM


By Kandi A.

I had bought a bath mat here that was too large and they accepted the return without any trouble. I always rate a store on the friendliness during a return since anyone can be nice when you're giveing them money. It's when they have to give it back that their service is tested. They passed!

Kohl's in Chino, CA


By Michelle E.

This a great place to buy clothes. It is a big store and they have things for all ages. From babies to grown people. They have a very clean environment and the staff is very friendly.

Kohl's in Trenton, AL


By Michelle H.

Kohl's is King!! If you need somehting for the home, clothes for work or kids, this is the place to go. And everything is always on sale! If it isn't- wait- it will be next week. And make sure you check the clearence rack. Unbeleivable bargains! And the nicest people in the world too! The store can be a tad messy because they always have people pawing stuff - they are always mobbed. But I'll take that for the savings.

Kohl's in Lansdale, PA


By Karen M.

Great store. I can always find a brand name pair of sneakers at a great price. Love their sales. No hassles with returns. Never a long line to check out. staff is friendly.

Kohl's in Santee, CA


By Allison W.

Kohl's is a lot like other discount department stores, Mervyn's, Sears etc, but the quaity of the clothes and household items is much better. It's actually fun to shop here, since it's pretty organized and there is a lot of selection. They always have great sales (especially on Saturday mornings) and the customer service is great.

Kohl's in Milpitas, CA


By Subha R.

This Kohls store has a good collection of dresses. Sometimes you also get good discounts and deals. Since this is located in the great mall, it is convenient to shop, have some quick bites and spend time.

Kohl's in Tukwila, WA


By yvonne m.

I had a wonderful experience shopping here and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I don't have many choices at home so this was a blast.

Kohl's in Manassas, VA


By Pam L.

I can always find nice age appropriate dresses for my two girls - not like other department stores that think girls should dress like small 20 year olds. Prices are very good for the quality - they have excellent sales on occasion. They have special senior citizen days where they offer a special discount to senior citizens.

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