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What Insiders are Saying about Kohl's

Kohl's in Newnan, GA


By Jimmy B.

If your looking for clothing for the entire family go to Kohl's. They always have awesome clearance in every department. Not to mention that they have fairly low prices and great sales. You can also shop with them online. Look for free shipping and coupon codes. Une your kohl's charge card to save even more. They also have discounts for seniors. I hate their parking lot and the traffic that surrounds that area. They can be hard to get in and out of at certain times of the day. PROS: Great sale and Clearance prices CONS: Getting out of the parking lot onto Bullsboro

Kohl's in Plymouth, CA


By Pam M.

Kohls is one of my absolute favorite clothing stores! They always have great sales. The products are of great quality. The store is always clean, and seem staffed properly also. Prices are good. Clearances cannot be beat!! Worth a stop in, but be prepared to shop for a while.

Kohl's in Bolingbrook, IL


By Rachel B.

Although Kohls isn't the worst place to go if you need a cheap, non-extraordinary outfit, I don't recommend it. The last couple times I bought pants there, I noticed the pants had a horrible moldy odor that would not wash out. This has happened to other people I know, too.

Kohl's in Plano, TX


By Rachel A.

This is a great store. I always find good deals. The store is clean. The people are friendly. Lots of great sales. Sometimes there are not enough sales people at the registers, so if there is a long line be prepared to wait. It is a good store. PROS: Great sales CONS: not enough sales people

Kohl's in Simi Valley, CA


By Ernest H.

When this store first opened in Simi Valley I couldn't stay away from it. One of the reasons is because there were always employees on the floor to help you. Now, you can't find an employee if your life depended on it. It's very difficult to get something off the top rack when there's no one there to help.

Kohl's in Trenton, AL


By Michelle H.

Kohl's is King!! If you need somehting for the home, clothes for work or kids, this is the place to go. And everything is always on sale! If it isn't- wait- it will be next week. And make sure you check the clearence rack. Unbeleivable bargains! And the nicest people in the world too! The store can be a tad messy because they always have people pawing stuff - they are always mobbed. But I'll take that for the savings.