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What Insiders are Saying about Kragen Auto Parts

Kragen Auto Parts in Whittier, AK


By Chris S.

Yes, even for an auto parts store. These people are unbelieveably knowledgeable. They might look a bit goofy but they really do know what they are talking about. They also have a "we'll match their price" deal so if you found the same product at a better price, they'll match it. If they don't have your part they will order it and it usually will come in by the next day. They also have loaner tools available so if you come there with your problem car, you can fix it right there on the spot.

Kragen Auto Parts in Poway, CA


By Aakash P.

I have had a great experience at this specific store. Their friendly, experienced, professional staff was able to help me in a very speedy fix. It was fairly busy and the store clerk was still able to come out and check out my car. He was able to find me the part and come out and fix it within a very short amount of time. I went to my dealership originally to find out why my horn was not working and they were going to charge me over a hundred dollars to fix a problem that the kragen man was able to diagnose and fix in mere minutes, for free!!! I highly recommend this store to anyone who enjoys the one place they can take their car and not get ripped off. Thanks guys and keep up the good work. I plan on coming back to u guys for any other car concern first!

Kragen Auto Parts in Milpitas, CA


By rob g.

Went to this store to buy spark plugs. I checked out. Checked my bag. Teller place anti-seizzed on my purchased without letting me know. I was upset and requested money back. She was with other customer and tried to ignore me. She short change me the difference. :-(