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What Insiders are Saying about Kroger

Kroger in Alpharetta, GA


By Alyssa G.

Kroger is a great grocery store, they always have specials going on like the 10 for 10 deals which makes it alot easier to shop. Their selections is also really good, they have all the brands and also have a generic kroger brand. This Krogers seemed alot more organized and clean than other ones I have been too and the people were are very helpful. The one great thing about this Kroger is that all of the checkout line are always open during peak hours. Most other places don't do this they only have three or four lanes open to cut costs, but not this one.

Kroger in Bourbonnais, IL


By Heather M.

I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Kroger. I watch the weekly flyer for the specials and then bring in my coupons. They double coupons up to .50. The produce is always fresh and I like their Kroger brand products such as bread and pop.

Kroger in Garland, TX


By Cindy B.

I've shopped at this Kroger ever since it opened. They always have great deals, the store is clean and the employees are very nice. Most of them have been here a long time, which says something for the company. It's my first choice when I grocery shop.

Kroger in Friendswood, TX


By C A.

I like this store just like all the others with prescriptions, coupons, self check,etc. I always like to shop with the coupons that are doubled and tripled, making quite a savings.