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What Insiders are Saying about Kum & Go

Kum & Go in Ho Ho Kus, NJ


By kau g.

This is one my favorite stores in New Jersey. The owner has truly marvelous taste and a real eye for one-of-a kind pieces. There are antiques, objets d'art, clothes, jewelry and more.

Kum & Go in Colmar, PA


By Rob J.

Found the company via yellow pages. They were one of 5 places I called that day to come out and give an estimate. They were not only the first to call back within 1/2 hour of my leaving a message with their store personnel, but were the only ones who called back that week, at all. The owner himself called me to discuss my needs and talk about the budget I had in mind, and we made an appointment for the free shop-at-home service for a few days later (due to my schedule, not his). He arrived on time for our appointment and brought MANY samples for me to choose from. A week later, my carpet was being installed (again, due to my scheduling needs). The installers arrived on time, ripped out my very old carpet, prepped by floor and installed the beautiful new carpet! I was (and still am) so happy with the outcome. Nothing was damaged in the process. The installers were friendly (but not overly engaging). In all, the whole process was great from start to finish and the job was done fantastically, very professional. I couldn't have been more pleased! Highly recommend this company.

Kum & Go in San Diego, CA


By Sousuke C.

Horrible horrible customer service. Painted the entire house in the wrong colors,NOT ONE BUT ALL FOUR!, and just replied that they were "close enough" even though you can tell the difference in colors as in night and day and demanded payment. He started cussing at me right from the get go after I said the colors didn't match (not professional at all). He forgot to paint the side fence and simply stated it was not included even though he painted all the other fences. It all started with an estimate when, Kim was reluctant to paint my house because he only wanted to paint it in two colors and finally agreed to paint it the 4 colors I wanted if I cover the cost of addition paint colors. Sure no big deal, just get things done right the 1st time around. We went around the house and specifically told him want I wanted. When I told him I wanted to have the rain gutter drain pipe to match the color as the rest of the color, he did not want and kept refusing probably because he was too lazy to mask that portion to paint it. He finally said yes. Guess what color the drain came out to be? Yep the same color as the side house Kim constantly argued with me that which part of the house should be what color. What does it matter to him? If it looks ugly after words, that would be my fault and not his, right? I'm not going to hold it against him If he did what he was told to do. Kim just shaking his head and said "ok" to everything I said and not listening to the instructions I was giving him. After the estimate was done I asked him If he needed to know where he I got my color samples. Kim refused to use my own paint and said that he would mix his own to color match exactly. Big mistake. Kim was not willing to work with me after words. Just demanded payment, cussed a lot and stormed off. STAY AWAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

Kum & Go in Seattle, WA


By Brianna S.

This place has a great selection of many different ethnic foods. All of them looked great and the foods I picked tasted fresh and great. I was very pleased with my time here.