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What Insiders are Saying about La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy in Marietta, GA


By Paige N.

Just to inform the parents that think they will be able to rest in piece when they drop off their loved ones let me fill you in on a few things since my children attended. When you walk into this facility, take a look in the kitchen and see if you really want your children eating from their. Nasty! The floors are constantly sticky and does not look like it has been mopped in ages! I have picked up my children before with a school age child laying on a cot because they were sick at school and was brought to the facility to be watched while the parents were at work! This is nothing but a germ infected daycare! Children with Pink Eye with crap oozing out of their eyes are there that have not been treated by a dr. A hooping cough, a bad rash, vomiting etc. and I am sorry but when my children were younger and was at another childcare and the littlest soft runny bowl-movement occurred I was called to pick them up....not there....its all about the money and that is all. They also treat the children different based on races and colors

La Petite Academy in Schaumburg, IL


By Jessie G.

The care they gave my exceptional care the only complaint that I have is the price and that one time they forgot to pick up my son from school. Daycare prices are very outrageous these days!!!

La Petite Academy in Louisville, AL


By Shannon h.

La Petite has every thing. My child started when she was a toddler. She had done the preschool program and now is in the afterschool program. Because of the preschool program she is at the top of her class in reading and writing. The after school program is a blast she asks to go there even on days we dont have to. The teachers are the very best and so is the director.

La Petite Academy in Henderson, AR


By V A.

I am a parent in this preschool and I have to say I love it. They are absolutely wonderful. The teachers there truly love their jobs and are fabulous with the children. My child comes home singing and laughing. She is always in a great mood and seems extremely happy when I drop her off and is in the same mood when I pick her up. I would not take my child anywhere else. The management there are very helpful and family oriented. It feels like I am dropping my child off at a family members house. The only con to this school is that they dont go any higher than Kindergarten. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

La Petite Academy in Simi Valley, CA


By Irene f.

My child grow up at La petite and it had been the best fun and learning time for her and our family. My chid was presented with tons of opportunities to create projects, socialize and be with caring teacher who helped her along the way. The outstanding ladies have helped my child celebrate her accomplishments in the classroom and with the hands on curriculum. We get lots of feed back each day from her teacher and she never want to leave when I pick her up from the academy and that makes me feel so good knowing we picked the right place for our child. I have many friends and family who also bring their children to La Petite all because they hear my child talk about the school or her favorite teachers.

La Petite Academy in Lansdale, PA


By Elizabeth F.

Our exprerience at LaPetite has been wonderful. My 2 boys are grown now and have been very successful in school. I believe it has to do with their experience here at LaPetite. I have recommended LaPetite to others and they have been just as happy as we have. I highly recommend this location. The staff is committed.

La Petite Academy in San Diego, CA


By taylor f.

My daughter went to La Petite Ecole for, 6 months and loved it. The staff, parents and students are more like family then a school. They worked with me, in regards to my daughters allergies and made me feel at ease.

La Petite Academy in Richmond, CA


By bor i.

I liked La Petite Academy. We lived in San Pablo for 1 year and my son attended the school for 1/2 a year. The school put schildren first, respecting each child as a valued and unique individual with distinct interests and opinions, they are really sensitive to each child's abilities and learning style. These were the primary reasons why we liked the school and took our son there

La Petite Academy in Puyallup, WA


By Proud Mom J.

This place is going down hill fast! Don't bother the DM she is not very helpful. My child is always placed in a classrom with children that aren't even her age. I would not recommend this place since the New Director took over, she is not friendly, never says hello, most the staff are gone and the others are in the process of leaving. I use to love this place, not so much anymore. I removed my child!