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La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Saugus, MA


By Online R.

Compare to other furniture store, I like them the best. Their employees are very friendly and helpful. Even though, I have to wait two months for my couch. It is all worth of the wait. Very happy and satisfied with their service. They also have a lot of choices of fabrics, materials. Check it out. You will like it.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Mesquite, NM


By Carolyn M.

La Z Boy sits across from one of Mesquite's more popular restaurant rows on Emporium Circle. Ample parking in front means no circling for a good place to park. Inside, a large showroom of high end La Z Boy furniture. If you haven't been inside a La Z Boy Gallery store, get to the nearest one. There are dozens of new styles of recliners available. Most can be custom upholstered to your specifications. No high pressure sales. Feel free to "try out" every seat in the house. Gallery also has plenty of sofas and other home furnishings to choose from. La Z Boy offers an generous warranty on its well known brand. Satisfaction guaranteed.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Webster, TX


By Robin H.

UPDATE 1: On 10/13/2015 the La-Z-Boy repairman came, within the scheduled time, to repair my reclining couch. He discovered that the frame and rails had broken. He had to order the parts to fix it. The parts would not be available for another 3 weeks and would call to schedule the repair when the parts were delivered. Apparently, he is the only authorized service for La-Z-Boy repair for the area which is why I had to wait for 2 weeks before he could schedule me which was after 1 week of trying to get him scheduled. This makes a total of at least 6 weeks from the time of my first call to La-Z-Boy about the problem to the time it MAY get repaired. I started this process on 09/24/2015. UPDATE 2: On 10/31/2015, I received a message from La-Z-Boy scheduling wanting to schedule the repair to my sofa – if I had received the parts. I called back and spoke with Linda who told me to call La-Z-Boy and tell them I had not received the parts. She said that the parts were supposed to have been shipped to me and that she had received an advisement to schedule the repair but, of course, could not do so since I did have the parts. I had been told on 10/13/2015 that the repairman would order the parts and would call to schedule the repair when the parts were received. I called the number that Linda gave me and, like before, had to leave a message and wait for a call back. This time I will have to wait at least 3 days since Customer Service is not open on the weekends. I left the message for Michelle. UPDATE 3: On 11/02/2015 Michelle returned my call. I was informed that the parts would be sent direct to me, that it would take 2-3 weeks for the parts to be received and that parts were ordered on 10/29/2015. Now, keep in mind that I started this process on 9/24/2015 and repair diagnosed my couch on 10/13/2015. It took over 2 WEEKS to order the parts. When I told Michelle that it was ridiculous that it took 2 weeks just to order the parts, her comment was “That just the way it happens.” Approximately a year and a half ago I purchased two electric recliners and one electric recliner couch from La-Z-Boy at 1433 W. Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX. I also purchased the extended warranty on all three items. On September 24, 2015 I called the store to report that my recliner was no longer working correctly. The associate verified that I had purchased the extended warranty. She then gave me another phone number to call for service. I called the number given and left a complete message as instructed by the automatic response. On September 25, 2015, I was called by Portia from the Service Center. I gave her the details of the problem with my recliner. She told me that the Scheduling Department would call me within 24hrs to schedule service. On September 29, 2015, not having received a scheduling call, I again called Portia at the Service Center and had to leave a message. My message explained that I had not yet been scheduled for service. On September 30, 2015, Portia returned my call from the previous day. I again explained that I initiated my calls on September 24th and had not yet been scheduled for service. She told me that their records showed that I had been called but had not answered the phone. I verified that she had the correct number, which she should have since she called me but you never know what is actually written in the record. I told her that the number was to my cell phone that I have with me at all times, that I have voice mail and that I had not received one call from anyone connected with La-Z-Boy. She told me that their records showed that I had been called. She gave me another phone number to call. I asked if I would be talking to a live person and not a recording and she said that I would be. I immediately called the number that Portia gave me and spoke with Gladys who, like Portia, claimed that I had been called but the phone just rang and rang. I told that I had voice mail but, no matter, I wanted to be scheduled for repairs to my couch. The earliest day available was October 13, 2015, THREE weeks after my first call! The only thing I can say is that after purchasing three expensive pieces of furniture and extended warranties from La-Z-Boy, after a week of waiting to get scheduled for repair, and then having to wait an additional two weeks before someone could even check my couch, I will NOT be purchasing another single item from La-Z-Boy. Also, if I have to wait that long for service, there must be A LOT of breaking La-Z-Boy furniture. It remains to be seen if the repair crew shows up on October 13th. I am supposed to get a call a day or two before when the time will be approximated as to when to expect them. I’m not holding my breath for a phone call.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Las Vegas, NV


By Betty H.

I was shopping for a sleeper sofa that would be comfortable for guests and found the best one available at this store. It not only had a plush mattress, but it also had an upgrade that you could purchase with a blow-up pillow top. The salesperson took the time to explain everything to me as well as the warranty and how they work. I really recommend this store to anyone in the market for a sofa or recliner.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Costa Mesa, CA


By Crystal C.

Awesome furniture and service. I would love to give this shop a five out of five rating based on excellent customer service and support.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in South San Francisco, CA


By Ciara-Jayne H.

This is a good place to find a nice chair for that special someone in your life. They have a great selections of chairs sofa's and sofa beds. They are very comfortable. THe showroom is very nice and clean and the staff is very helpful and very nice. I like shopping here because you are not pressured like some other furniture stores. You can browse at your own leisure and the salespeople is there to help if you need them