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Lady Foot Locker was launched in 1982 and today consists of close to 600 locations specializing in women's athletic footwear, apparel and accessories. Find Lady Foot Locker locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Ladies Foot Locker

Ladies Foot Locker in Kennesaw, GA


By Travis S.

If i would have a nice pair of sneakers i would get them from foot locker. Foot lockers my #1 shoe source for sneakers and athletic wear. I go their every single weekend just for a pair of shoes.

Ladies Foot Locker in Dallas, GA


By Aniese T.

I first bought 2 pairs of shoes at this location and the manager at the time (1 yr ago) helped me was great! I went back a few weeks ago and the lazy clerk there was horrible. Not to mention she had a piercing by her lip, she was very unprofessional and wore skin tight clothes. Nasty! She was more involved in her personal conversation on her cell phone than helping me buy shoes! Ive worked customer service and she was disgusting at her job!!! Finally i asked her for help when she off her phone and she had a freakin attitude! I left and went to the Northpark store and recieved better but not great service. I will never shop at lady footlocker again in my life, finishline here i come!

Ladies Foot Locker in Aurora, CO


By Sarah m.

Every time i want to go find some tight shoes i go to the lady footlocker. They have a variety of shoes. They have air forces, dunks, vandals, jordans, babyphat, etc. You could probably find any color shoe you want. So check it out

Ladies Foot Locker in Las Vegas, NM


By Bart A.

I love shopping in this store. Their service is excellent and their product is wonderful. Very centrally located and easily accessable. Thank you for a job well done.

Ladies Foot Locker in Nanuet, NY


By Joan R.

It's time for Back to School purchases and this is a great spot to shop. They have footwear and clothing that any high schooler would look great in. Their prices are reasonable and the merchandise is of very high quality. The staff is friendly and helpful. They run good sales so be sure to look for bargains to stretch your back to school shopping dollar as far as it can go.

Ladies Foot Locker in Voorhees, NJ


By Joanne S.

I took my daughter to the mall to look for sneakers and discovered that the Lady Foot Locker at this location is now a clearance store!!!! All of the sneakers and cleothes in the store are 70% off!!! This is the everyday price for this store. Of course since it is a clearance store the selection is limited, but the money left in your wallet makes the hastle of searching for "the right pair" well worth it.

Ladies Foot Locker in Daly City, CA



This foot locker is one of the better foot locker stores. Located at serramonte mall so theres always parking and they carry all the latest shoes and usually has my size.

Ladies Foot Locker in Silverdale, PA


By kathy A.

better than other pancake resturants in the area. Nice breakfast specials"May I take your order hun" seems to come out of their mouths- it is just that type of restaurant. They are never too busy. Good size pancakes and nice 5 egg omelets