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What Insiders are Saying about Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service in Kennesaw, GA


By Robin J.

Now called 1st Source Tax (770) 529-6300 - 3103 Cobb Parkway, Kennesaw, GA. These folks are wonderful and so knowledgeable. Saved us a bunch on our taxes.

Liberty Tax Service in Peekskill, NY


By chauncey Y.

They really know there stuff. Boy I had a very large problem with the irs. they were reconmmend to me by a friend. I can really say, get down to main street right away.

Liberty Tax Service in Beverly, NJ


By kimberly p.

well this was my first time going to liberty i was very pleased they took the time to walk me through my taxes and made sure i got all that i was intitled to this year i used to just do my own taxes but this year i thought i would try something different the prices are good and its a small place but very warm and comfortable and the staff are well at what they are trianed for i got a nice tax return thanks to liberty i will recomend to all my family and freinds i told my coworkers and some of them went ther as well its in a very good location and the parking is right on the money i was very pleased with the service i got from liberty

Liberty Tax Service in Southfield, MA


By Anton M.

I picked up a pair of shoes for my little niece, for her birthday, an amazing work of art. I was so proud while my wife adored them and thanked me for doing this instead of her.

Liberty Tax Service in Denton, GA


By Caroline W.

Liberty saved my mother $100s on her taxes and made it real easy for her to understand what was going on. Thank you so much!

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