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What Insiders are Saying about Lids

Lids in Manchester, CA


By Daniel D.

Lids sells a huge variety of ball caps. They are a small store in the mall but they really do carry a lot of different hats. All sorts of teams. They are a good store.

Lids in Norridge, IL


By L. N.

I have a lot of younger people in my family, so someone can always use a hat. One good thing about this store is that you can find hats in unusual colors. For example, I saw a pink Cubs hat in there, which you won't find at sportmart probably.

Lids in Arlington, AL


By Debra D.

This is a great place to shop if your looking for a certain hat. They have all kinds including college teams and pro teams in every sport. They carry very few of the fitted kind for children but have a good selection in adult hats. The prices are really comparable to all the other places that sell hats but you get a better selection here.

Lids in Westminster, CA


By Christian C.

For the widest variety of one of a kind hats, you have to visit Lids. If you like hats from every team in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and the NHL you will love Lids.

Lids in Cypress, CA


By Greek k.

We were at the Outlet Mall with my son, and he wanted to buy a hat from Lids. We typically know what the hats run for 12year old boys, about 26.99, 27.00. Total about 39 with stiching on the back. 1st of all we were waiting in a line were the hats were being embroiadered thinking we can be checked out there, after the people behind were serviced first from the cashier, we were told by the so called Manager young teenager looking kid, that we need to pay at the cashier. The cashier should have known we were in line to pay and ask who is next, that is how you service your customers! She did not even acknowledge that we were not serviced appropriately. Then she proceeds to ask me if I want to join some a stupid hat club, were I pay $5.00, and I was already annoyed because some one checked out ahead of us, I told her no! She rings up the hat and she has added $5.00 to the price of the hat. I was fuming at that point, doing the math in my head thinking wait a minute I should not be paying $44.99 for a hat. My son even said the hats next to the one he picked out were also 26.99. I complained and both the cashier and the So called Manager did nothing about it.. I will never buy a lid from that location again. I warn you to check the prices. Cashier claims the price list and the stock number did not match, that is not the customer's fault, that is a store issue they need to keep up with the inventory and mark it correctly. They should have honored what was on the hat. I even asked the Cole Hahn guy I bought 3 pairs of shoes from what would he do, and he said he would have honored the sticker price... BAD business decision by the immature retail team at the lid store. I will not be calling The District Manager, but she needs to be aware of the customer service techniques they are practicing at that store.... Terrible.....Learn how to service your customers or else you will not be in business very long. One Dissatisfied Customer!

Lids in New York, NY


By Jason P.

Lids is a store in Kings Plaza. About the size of a closet, it is full of hats, however, despite having hats as far as the eye can see, there isn't much of a selection. Additionally, I find their hats to be a bit on the expensive side. PROS: OK Store CONS: a bit expensive, not crazy about their selection

Lids in Exton, PA


By R. A.

The staff at Exton Lids are very helpful and very friendly. Now I am not sure why, but it seems as if this stores fitted hats are extremely mis-sized in comparison to city stores. For many years I have purchased my fitteds downtown (Philly) and usually nail my size on the first or second try. I'm not sure if it was just the recent stock new era shiped them (new era is notorious for mis-sizing since they are hand made) or what, but it took 5 or 6 attempts to find the correct size (all were labeled 7 1/4) Thankfully the staff at this store are very patient.

Lids in San Mateo, CA


By Ethel L. C.

You may think this store sells like lids for cups. Nope, you are wrong! This store carries many caps. From baseball, football, hockey. They have a huge selection of caps. My brother likes the NCAA caps. He says it is the best. Very affordable and they make sure that you are fitted for the correct size. They have a couple of locations in the mall which is great. Just stop by in and take a browse...wall to wall caps.

Lids in Algona, IA


By Jordan D.

Lids is a really cool hat store located inside the Supermall. They have really low prices on really awesome hats. They have hats for almost any team available, in all sizes and colors. They carry not only baseball style hats but also visor type hats and even have some hats for women.

Lids in Springfield, VA


By Kenneth G.

If you are looking for a hat for a particular sports team, you want to go here first. They sell only hats, nothing else. College teams, Pro teams, you name it. They are all good quality hats, and the employees are ok.