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What Insiders are Saying about Limited TOo

Limited TOo in Atlanta, GA


By Jesse L.

I think that limited too is the best place fora childs clothing. They have the same style as teens but in a smaller size so the kids can also look good.The clothes aren't the best priced but they are nice.

Limited TOo in Nashua, NH


By robyn j.

I was in the ltd this morning looking for a dress for my daughter, although i am not fond on there pricing I did love finding that there were several racks of clearanced clothing.

Limited TOo in Denver, CO


By Kathy (3-Scott) H.

Fun store for girls 6 - 12. After 12 your daughter will probably have outgrown the styles. Bring in a good report card from school and the kids will get $5 credit for any item.

Limited TOo in Bridgewater, CT


By Melissa H.

They just relocated the Limited Too in the Bridgewater commons mall. It is really nice and in a great location. It is such a cute store for young preteen to buy clothes. i remember going in that store when i was younger all the time.

Limited TOo in Voorhees, NJ


By Kameelah W.

I likt buying clothes here because they have great styles for little girls that aren't too grown up. They're just as nice as gap kids but not as expensive. PROS: in mall CONS: crowded

Limited TOo in Chantilly, VA


By Hannah R.

I really like this store. It's great for both younger kids and older kids! I still love to shop at Limited Too even though I'm 16! A lot of their clothes are basically the same style as older stores, just a bit more modest, which I don't think is a bad thing! However, they say this store is for ages 7-14, and some of the styles I think are too old for a 7-year-old. I think it's more for about 11-16 year olds, although there are a few things that are more juvenile, like the shirts with animals on them, which I don't buy anymore, but I still think are really cute on younger kids! But anyway, I love this store and would definitely recommend it.