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The first Little Gym was founded in 1976 to help children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Find Little Gym locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Little Gym

Little Gym in Lawrenceville, GA


By Tracey N.

I took my son to The Little Gym of Lawrenceville and he lost his mind he had so much fun!! The teachers were GREAT and very talented. The place is bright, colorful, and very clean. I would reccommend this place to every parent. I enrolled my son into their Pre-K program. I think the thing that I like best about the program is how knowledgeable the staff is. During class they tell you the skills that your child is learning and after class they come and talk to you some more. It's phenomenal!!

Little Gym in Chicago, IL


By Jackson W.

As a single dad of two I have tried many different children's programs in Chicago. Both of my boys absolutely love The Little Gym. They really look forward each week to their class and cannot wait to see their teacher. Our nanny takes them each week and she says she has as much fun as they do. They really do learn some great skills there. Thanks!!!

Little Gym in Allen, KS


By christine c.

Nice variety of classes offered here. Mr. Forest is wonderful with the kids. They really enjoy his guitar playing. Facility is very clean too. Highly recommend if you have young kids.

Little Gym in West Windsor, NJ


By Christy B.

This is a great place for my 9 month old. We took an introductory class and she LOVED it! We walked on a beam, hung from bars, wheelbarrow walk, somersault, chased balls, popped was awesome! It is a little pricey but worth it if you consider the social aspect of it as well. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun class with their child.

Little Gym in Cherry Hill, NJ


By Anna R.

We're so thrilled with our experience! Our instructor is out of this world! I know we'll keep coming back to The Little Gym year after year. They have excellent camps, too. They're three hours a day during the summer and our kids receive very personalized instruction.

Little Gym in Belmont, CA


By Daisy W.

My daughter has been with The Little Gym (Belmont, CA) for most of her life. She was born 2 months premature and as a result, has hypotonia. Her physical therapist ‚??graduated‚?Ě her from physical therapy with the condition that we keep her enrolled at The Little Gym. According to her, The Little Gym was better at improving muscle development and motor skills. In these last 3 years, we have seen incredible improvements on our daughter‚??s muscular strength. We‚??ve been to other children‚??s gyms with our older daughters, so we know that The Little Gym is exactly what our youngest needed to help her hypotonia. They structure activities to help with muscle development, motor skills, coordination, and buildling self-confidence. Every session is a good combination of structured activity, explore time (free play) and fun stuff (parachutes, musical instruments, bubbles, hide and seek, balls, hoops, and things like that). Every week they have a theme, so it‚??s not boring or repetitive. The ratio of staff to students is better than any other gymnastics program we‚??ve enrolled our other girls in. The staff is friendly and personal, remembering each child‚??s name, which is unlike any other gymnastics program we‚??ve been to. And they are exceptional at interacting with each child in a personal, encouraging way. Another thing we like about The Little Gym is lots of parking, as opposed to parking in a lot and having to walk a few blocks, or having only a few parking spots available. And their make-up policy is extremely generous as long as you have immediate contact with them. We highly recommend The Little Gym!