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What Insiders are Saying about Loehmann's

Loehmann's in Oak Brook, IL


By Katrina K.

This place does have some good finds, but you have to dig! They carry discounted designer and name brand clothes and accessories. However, I found some of the clothes to be very outdated. But if you like shopping, it shouldn't be hard to find stylish clothes at below department store prices. PROS: Good Selection, Designer Discount CONS: Outdated Clothes

Loehmann's in New York, NY


By Cynthia G.

You know it wasn‚??t until my mother visited that I really stepped foot in this store and took advantage of it. I love shopping for bargains and who doesn‚??t living in an expensive city. This has been one fantastic find. I thought Century 21 was awesome (well still could be, they have a larger selection overall), but this place has cheaper prices. I love it! I‚??m going to keep coming back now. Let‚??s just say designer jeans for way less than what you would pay elsewhere. It was so refreshing to see all of them at a great price. I also had a great time in the shoe department. I‚??m not too sure but I think it might have beaten DSW prices too. My mom enjoyed shopping here too even though there are bigger ones in the suburbs and obviously faster service overall. Yep, you‚??ll find long lines here too. It‚??s kind of customary on the weekends in these designer discount stores. It gets crowded and you have to search in a couple places for your right size. That won‚??t stop me from coming back to my new shopping place.

Loehmann's in Falls Church, VA


By Loehmanns D.

Looking for brand new clothing at low prices is easy when shopping at Loehmann's. I can always find women's and men's clothing that' are both trendy and inexpensive. Their website is great too, and their nationwide stores really making shopping easier. I had just moved from New Jersey, to Virginia and Loehmann's was a name I knew and trusted.