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What Insiders are Saying about Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's in Acworth, GA


By Michele L.

Since the ad is still running on TV the $.99 fish taco should be available. I wouldn't by anything else because it is dishonest advertising. Very disappointed!

Long John Silver's in West Roxbury, MA


By claire l.

LJS serves Delicious food at a reasonable price. We come from Bellevue NE, but summer in Somerset MA, and wonder where the nearest LJS is located. We miss LJS!

Long John Silver's in Joliet, IL


By Debra K.

The food and service is always outstanding at this restaurant. It is one of my favorite places to eat!

Long John Silver's in Terrell, NC


By Chris (K-2) S.

I love the idea of these combination places. Long John Silver and A&W.....everybody in the car gets a choice. I do have to admit it's hard to beat that old fashioned mug with Root Beer. The best part of most of these places, is that the fast food, doesn't mean that it isn't good food. The restaurant was clean, though it appeared to be an older building. There was plenty of parking. I like the fact that there are tables and not just booths. The employees inside were friendly and efficient. Prices were reasonable. The only complaint I had, was in this smoke free facility there was an employee standing right outside of door, talking with someone while they smoked. I usually don't hold the restaurant responsible for rude people, but if it's an employee they should move down from the doorway. Nothing worse than having to walk through the smoke to get inside!!

Long John Silver's in Arvada, CO


By Lade M.

It seems like every emplyee here does NOT smile, at all. They do have good customer service, but I wish that they would at least smile! Make the world a better place!

Long John Silver's in Houston, AK


By Patti B.

I just ordered your new 3-shrimp platter with rice and veggies. It was pretty close to the worst pile of food we've ever had. Maybe the mistake was ours, since we ordered it at 3:00 p.m., but that was the time we wanted to have lunch/supper. It was obvious that it had been kept warm under a heatlamp since noon. There was absolutely no flavor, it was hard and tough, and the last thing I said to your clerk, when she asked if we wanted drinks, was, "Plenty of sauce, but no drinks.) There was no sauce whatsoever! I tried to call the place, but evidently no one over there wants to talk to anyone, and I can't blame them. The only number I could reach was a FAX. This was the LJS on the Southwest Freeway at Beechnut. We have lived in the neighborhood for fifty years, and have never been so disappointed in LJS. Patti Biles

Long John Silver's in Pacoima, CA


By Kim B.

The fish was awful. Not even remotely crispy. So greasy, the grease was running down my hand. Didn't appear to have any kind of crust. No flavor, guess someone forgot seasoning. Will never go back there, the food is gross.

Long John Silver's in Escondido, CA


By Craig G.

Both the FOOD & SERVICE were WONDERFUL !!! THANK YOU for making our eating experience MOST enjoyable !!! We felt very SPECIAL---pleasant SMILES and SUPER ATTITUDES made our trip from Rancho Bernardo DEFINITELY worth it! Sincerely Semper Fi! Craig & Donna Glenzer

Long John Silver's in Capitol Heights, MD


By amanda b.

terrible service....came up there ordered a smart choice talipia and got salmon...then ordered a root beer recieved the drink and it was only half full...spoke with the employees and she was very outta order calling me outta my race...very unprofessional if they have people working there with that kind of attitude you dont know how sanitary the place is...you could be eating contaminated food