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Longs Drugs Stores is one of the top 10 drug store chains in the United States. Longs operates 416 full-service stores in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Hawaii. Find Longs Drugs locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Longs Drug Stores

Longs Drug Stores in Las Vegas, NM


By Margo E.

Fantastic place when you want items on the Long's ads. Compared to the one closer to my home, this Longs almost always seems to have a fantastic supply of items for sale.

Longs Drug Stores in San Gabriel, CA


By jasmine h.

i love longs drugs because my mommy works there. there's always someone there to help you find the exact things that you need. when you have a description that needs to be picked up, they always have it ready for you. it is kind of like they knew you were coming. anyways i love longs drugs!!

Longs Drug Stores in San Diego, CA


By Diane H.

If you're ever trying to locate that one special movie new release and your local Blockbuster is out, this is the place. They are accommodate you with returning your movie later. Great staff!!!

Longs Drug Stores in Daly City, CA


By Mary C.

This is my favorite drug store. At my age, convenience is more important than price. I come here and find everything I need and even pick up a few groceries that is almost always on sale. They also have a liquor dept. which I find alot of the drug store don't have.

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