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What Insiders are Saying about Lowes Home Improvement

Lowes Home Improvement in Weymouth, MA


By Brian Q.

Lowes home imporvement is an excellent home fix up place they have so much different thigns to get to improve your house and fix up things that you have been putting off and they are not expensive and can even tell you how to fix it.

Lowes Home Improvement in Bradley, AR


By Heather M.

The main reason I pick Menard's over Lowe's is the feel of the store when walking around in it. This store has the feeling of a gian warehouse and I have a hard time finding things. I do like their ceiling fan selection and they will install the fans at an extra cost.

Lowes Home Improvement in Allen, TX


By juan d.

I"ve called atleast 5 times to this location regarding a dog kennel nobody gives info on when the product will be in stock everybody has diffrent stories including AMY the so call STORE MANAGER she never called me back like she said she would.I would never recommend LOWES to anybody not even to purchase a nut or bolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO HOME DEPOT across the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowes Home Improvement in Louisville, AL


By debbie p.

I was very disappointed when Lowes said they could not give me the window measurements that I had paid for (I paid $35 for someone to take 20 minutes to measure my windows). I could understand it if Lowes had paid for the measurements but I had paid for them - don't the measurements belong to the person who pays for them? I believe this was an attempt for Lowes to make me purchase the shades from them and not allow me do it myself. I was trying to save money by doing some windows myself. Needless to say, Lowes lost a $1800 cellular shade order.

Lowes Home Improvement in Mira Loma, CA


By Jennifer C.

After buying a house and having to do upgrades my experience with Lowe's was the best. Always had someone asking if we needed help. I will keep upgrading my house with Lowe's.

Lowes Home Improvement in Warrington, PA


By Adrienne W.

Their prices are a little lower but so is the quality of some of the products in comparison to Home Depot. They have more variety of options but some of the products are cheaply made.

Lowes Home Improvement in Chula Vista, CA


By Angelica N.

Friendly and helpful great customer service. made my home improvement so much easier. great choices and super good prices.

Lowes Home Improvement in Fremont, CA


By Brian m.

Lowes its great the union city store is even better at customer service the store is very clean and alot of light too

Lowes Home Improvement in Stafford, VA


By Morgan S.

Great prices on everything you need to fix up a home. I recently shopped there for some gardening supplies, and flowers. I received a $10. off $50. card in the mail. so that was helpful. I shopped around and found there prices to be pretty good. And there staff was helpful and knew what they were talking about.

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