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What Insiders are Saying about Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Denton, GA


By Jim L.

We brought our daughters car in for repainting. I was skeptical but they did a great job. I was very impressed. Great job!

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in North Las Vegas, NV


By Jorge L.

I’ve used Maaco twice. The first time was to paint a used car I had just bought. They did such a terrific job that when I showed my mechanic – he started referring his clients needing body work to this shop-even had his daughter’s car repaired there. The second time I was there was for a repair after a fender bender. They found the necessary parts (a challenge since the car is more than 10 years old) and repaired the car to perfect condition a week earlier than they promised. My experience with the Marie, Dave and Oliver (who works there) has always been exceptionally professional and responsive . I can’t say enough good things about them.

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Sunnyvale, CA


By Susan f.

I had dropped-off my Toyota for a $1,500.00 "spot repair" paint service for the hood, roof/roof-rack. I intentionally did NOT select the cheapest option as I wanted to have this SUV for a few more years. I called MAACO ahead to be sure that the shop had prepped my vehicle for pick-up or at least had LOOKED at it (ie:"quality control") - prior to me picking it up as I had another 80 mile drive back home. I was SHOCKED to find that the vehicle was FILTHY and covered in shop dust INSIDE and out! The contract clearly stated that you had to "thoroughly inspect the vehicle" prior to taking it - with the understanding that if you found damage/problems afterwards MAACO may not cover /warrant it. How could I inspect a paint job "visually" - if the surfaces were filthy? Once the worker began clearing the grime from the newly painted surface, I noticed that the hood had particle chunks UNDER the paint job; bright BLUE paint on my dark GREEN hood; an "ORANGE PEEL" dimpled hood texture and prep tape sealed with clear coat stuck to the outside of the passenger door. I asked the owner's wife about the dimpled hood; blue paint on green hood,; beige prep tape sealed to the door and the fact they "forgot" to paint the roof rack. The owner's wife immediately began arguing stating, "You didn't want to have the roof rack done". When I offered to show her my paperwork- she went inside the store and discovered I was right. She then stated that the highly visible "mark" (painter's prep tape clear-coated) on my door "was there when you brought-it in" and that she "didn't see ANY BLUE paint on my green car or dimpling on the hood..." Fortunately for me, a Regional MAACO Rep was visiting the store that day and had noticed our discussion. She invited him over and I asked him about the blue paint, dimpled hood and chunks painted over on the hood. It was very obvious that he was NOT IMPRESSED with this franchisee's work. Therefore, it was decided it needed to be left at the shop 2-3 more days to be "fixed." When I came to the shop for the SECOND time - the blue paint spots were still there - but some of the chunks and hood dimpling was gone. They roof rack, full of dirt and old wax , had just been spray-painted over the first day I came to pick the vehicle up - so I don't expect that to last more than a month or two. At this point, I just wanted to take the car and leave this bad experience behind me. I had brought a friend with me to p/u the car. She drove my newly painted SUV off the lot, and I drove my old truck. When I got INTO my car - for the FIRST time after dropping the truck off - I noticed deep, swirling etching damage in my 5-month old windshield from the sander/buffing work. I couldn't believe it. I drove back to the shop and asked to speak with the owner. He became ENRAGED when he saw me again. I'm guessing he was especially upset due to the Regional Rep being at his store during my last visit.He began YELLING at me and coming towards me before I could even explain what was wrong. I am a female, on crutches and became very scared for my safety as he yelled and came at me. His wife intervened and tried to calm him down. He went outside to look at the vehicle, I presume, I told his wife I didn't feel safe with him charging at me and yelling at me and felt I might need to call the police. She said, "No, don't do that..." and indicated that he would calm down. When he came back inside and yelled at me that he knows "plenty of people like me...'those' people..." I assume he meant disabled ? Although I work full-time and make over $70,000/year ??? At any rate he began YELLING and CHARGED at me again. I startled and tried to move backwards, out-of -the -store quickly and tripped over my crutch. Meanwhile his wife was saying, "No DAVE...Don't....Don't,," She was clearly trying to control his violent behaviors towards a customer, but by that time I was shaking and called the SUNNYVALE POLICE. They did come and there is a police report on this incidence - although I have not received a copy yet.It wasn't until I got home and the car was washed ( you have to wait 3 weeks - per contract) that I discovered SIMILAR DAMAGE and DEEP scratches on a passenger door where they tried to "blend" the newly painted roof to the door surface.If you are a woman, parent, or disabled person reading this blog - I would highly encourage you to think about your SAFETY prior to visiting this Franchise location. Maybe try the Palo Alto one instead. What a terrifying experience just for a paint job !

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Laurel, DE


By Jack P.

Took my old '92 Volvo to Maaco in Laurel, unsure whether or not to trust the place. They actually did a remarkable job - cutting out a piece of rust, getting rid of some rust bubbles, and applying a paint job that looks like the car just got out of the showroom. Very pleasantly surprised.