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What Insiders are Saying about Macy's

Macy's in Douglasville, GA


By Carin C.

The staff is outstanding, I really enjoyed everyone. It was a short time there. I worked for xmas help. As well as I got married a couple of months after. And when I had moved to Oklahoma, It was not the same. I made a family out of the Macy store in Douglasville. I am having it hard to start work in another location. I miss the staff and the customers at the Arbor Mall, Macy's. Sincerly, Carin (Petty) Columbus

Macy's in Braintree, MA


By Ray N.

Macys is a nice store they have a lot of high quality clothes and products there and they usually have a lot of sales where you can get some really good stuff for a great price.

Macy's in McKinney, TX


By Caryn P.

Every time I visit this store, I get exceptional service. The people are always friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. I am always pleased with their willingness to help. They are always proactive and approach me. Even if they aren't in their respective department, they do what they can to help or get someone who can.

Macy's in Houston, AK


By Linea K.

I love this mall and all the great name brand stores i love are here. The mall is very organized and the sales team is always very friendly and great.

Macy's in Las Vegas, NM


By W B.

I love this place, many may think they are expensive, but they aren't. You can get such awesome deals here, between coupons in the paper and with your account. Even without they have weekly specials that will blow your mind. You get so much for your money!!

Macy's in Costa Mesa, CA


By Sarthi S.

They have a great selection of clothes and a lot of people around to help you find what your looking for. The set up is very easy to manage and look around with.

Macy's in Brooklyn, AL


By Akisa B.

Macy's is the best there is. you can shop for a bed, dishes, shoes, and not to forget clothing including all the name brand macy's has the best sales, I love the clearance racks I can buy a $200 shirt at macy's for about $ 50 i just go to the clearance rack. I will always shop at macy's I wish they would have one in North Carolina

Macy's in Woodbury, NJ


By Christine f.

macys has a good selection of clothes, for men and girls and for kidees. they even have perfume i love the smell. its the best smelll ever its like 30 of them put together brianna

Macy's in San Diego, CA


By Kay S.

I want to express my appreciation to a clerk in the lingerie department of the UTC Macy's. Her name is Janet. I was shopping for a comfortable bra and this lady went above and beyond her duty to help me out. She brought me at least 15 to 20 bras to try for comfort and fit and we did finally settle on two different styles. I am so grateful for all her help. Please make sure Janet knows that I put in a very good word for her and appreciated her help very, very much. Thanks, Kay Stuart

Macy's in Palo Alto, CA


By Annie O.

it's easy to find great styles at macys. one of the first stores that i visit when i shop for clothes

Macy's in Seattle, WA


By lewis c.

i think that the maceys downtown is an awsome place to shop friendly sales reps and close to food and other shoping they have great sales and a lot of nice clothes

Macy's in Columbia, AL


By Dilara Y.

Hechts is a good store for buying clothes accessories, and shoes. When there is a sale, you can be sure to find something great. The shoes are great too. The quality of clothing is good too.

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