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Manpower in Alpharetta, GA


By Lou G.

Chef - I have worked at Cabernets Restaurant in Atlanta, GA on Windward as a Chef and attended Atlanta Institute in the culinary field.. ... I, also, do construction work and have experience in tree service in Clearwater, FL where I was the forman on the job site. I am fluent in Spanish and am a very energetic and hard working person who loves people. I worked in Alabama during the hurricane and helped clean up in the areas where needed with a crew. I have recently moved back to Atlanta, GA and am currently seeking employment. I am originally from the Dunwoody, GA area and attended Dunwoody High School. My cell number is 404-405-9214

Manpower in Yorkville, CA


By Deb C.

I came to Manpower unemployed, overqualified and wanting a job that fit my needs, family and hours...and they found it for me. Not only did they find it, but they found it before I even set foot in their door for my first interview. And after they found me a great job, they checked in with me, kept me up to date on the benefits I qualified for, and even brought me flowers on Secretary's day and my anniversary with them. Great people to work with or for! PROS: Great people CONS:

Manpower in Fort Worth, TX


By Roberta L.

When my husband was in Graduate School he needed a temp job on the side (baby on the way then!) This agency had a job by the next day. Great pay and easy to get to from our home. I gave them a 4 becuase they office was kinda musty and stale. Very bare bones. I think they could splurge a bit and liven up the place. Couteous staff, very helpful.

Manpower in North Las Vegas, NV


By Jennifer W.

I walked into their office one day looking for a job, there were a bunch or workers there and they totally ignored me,I ended up walking out. I would never try to go back. PROS: none CONS: totally ignored me

Manpower in Los Angeles, CA


By jason d.

Manpower has provided the service in finding me a job . Linda's is the best recruiter, she provides great detail regarding every assignment and represents you in the most professional way to all their clients .Jacob goes above and beyond to ensure that your doing OK and that the assignment meets your needs as well as their clients. Overall they are by far the best in Downtown Los Angeles

Manpower in Cherry Hill, NJ


By Karen C.

We contracted with this agency for some temporary staff. They were good. They were able to find someone pretty quickly to meet our needs. The person they sent was knowledgeable. They were on time, which is very important, as sometimes agencies do not send reliable people.

Manpower in San Marcos, CA


By Amanda M.

_Third year of teather at UPLA. Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso. Chile -bartender in "Earthdance" (electronic party) chile 2005. Cajon del Maipo, Region Metropolitana. Chile (November,2005) -bartender in "La ex fabrica". Patronato, downtown Santiago. Chile (October,2006) -waitress in "Amara lounge restobar". Vina del mar,Chile. (March-April, 2004) -staff at "Celebra la vida con salud" health convention. Kimball Park, National City, San Diego. (september 13,14,2008) ref: Arlena Ferrandiz,

Manpower in Palo Alto, CA


By Katherine G.

Has had very good career starter orders from notable companies since the 1970's like makers of The Pill, the lawyers for Star Wars, and other not so flashy places too. Priscilla Ascueta the best agency manager.

Manpower in Tacoma, WA


By Yolanda G.

Manpower is an excellent choice for those wanting daily work and daily pay. The only problem is that you have to show up each day before you know if you are going to work, this separates those who really want to work with those who dont. PROS: daily pay! CONS: there is not always work.