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What Insiders are Saying about Marshalls

Marshalls in Bedford, MA


By bill c.

i am looking for a mans bathing suit been everywhere but no luck all their is are the ones with long legs and i am not into them what do you have there?

Marshalls in Fort Worth, TX


By Sharon C.

When I walked into the Marshalls in Montgomery Plaza, downtown Fort Worth, TX I couldn't believe my eyes. Now over a year later I still am so pleasantly surprised every time I walk in. It is spotless clean, organized and the inventory is unbelievable. I had been into quite a few Marshalls Department Stores, but they were usually dirty, sloppy and it was almost impossible to find anything. Not this one!! I go miles out of my way to shop in the Montgomery Plaza Marshalls and I live about 10 blocks from one in Keller.

Marshalls in Northglenn, CO


By Erin C.

Marshall's is another store carrying name brand items from a previous season at a deep discount. Their shoe selection is great for men and women. You can find Born, Sketchers, Kenneth Cole, and more just in the shoe dept. They have name brand clothing for the whole family along with home furnishings, bed & bath items, kitchen gadgets, and gifts. Marshall's carries more of the high end stuff compared to Ross. Marshall's and TJ Maxx are owned by the same company and often have similar things. My husband prefers Marshall's because they have Men's shoes and TJ Maxx does not.

Marshalls in Las Vegas, NV


By Sherena B.

Marshalls is a very nice department store which carries top name brands including the very famous Dooney & Bourke down to the Urban and hip Ecko. They have alot of good clothes for children and accessories but that's about it. Prices are slightly high.

Marshalls in Philadelphia, PA


By Marlene F.

I purchased a absolutely beautiful comforter set, called Rodeo Home made in Los Angeles, CA. I purchased the set from Marshall's Store, in Ohio. I would like to get a valance or drapes that match the pattern, called Roda Teal (striped) the numbers on the comforter tag 6014--1427--097623--96V (bar code) and 1260 00 4220723 24-1. Registered number on the comforter set CA 37512 and VA 13842 (CN) I hope you have enough information that will we be able to help, thank you for time.

Marshalls in La Jolla, CA


By Vitoria M.

I will never go back to a Marshall store, why you might ask...Today I went to the Marshalls in Villa La Jolla and I wasn't allowed to bring all the items I needed to try to the dressing room. I was only allowed to bring 8 items and I had about 15, I asked the lady if she could bring the other ones to me while still on the dressing room and she said no, that I had to come outside, bring all the clothes from the dressing room out and then get the other items. In other words, I would have get dressed, get items, undress again, try the items, dress again, come outside, go back to the dressing room, undress again, you get the picture...For someone like myself that hate shopping it is a miracle that I found 20 nice items to even try on. I got dressed and did not try the rest because I have a life and have things to do. I spoke to the manager Heidi and she said those are the rules, I told her that rules are meant to be revised if they don't make any sense and stops customer for even setting foot on that store ever again. She just grinned like "whatever", like she was doing me a favor...ooook, I guess I have to go to the competitors where I get treated the way I deserve as a paying customer.

Marshalls in Danville, CA


By Chris C.

I highly recommend this shoe store for the high quality customer care and service they have exhibited throughout the time I have been shopping here.

Marshalls in Tukwila, WA


By Lori D.

Great finds and sweet prices at these discount super stores! I love getting brand name clothes for less, and it's not a gimmick! My husband buys all of his Nike t-shirts here for under $10. Sometimes the racks are messy, but for the most part it's worth digging through them to find what you are looking for. The baby clothes are an outstanding bargain. Happy Shopping!

Marshalls in Alexandria, VA


By joe b.

This Marshalls is definitely worth visiting. It is in a plaza with a bunch of other great stores, (target, cigar guy, hair salons,etc) and has a wide variety of merchandise. The clothes are extremely cheap and they are classic name brands!