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What Insiders are Saying about Mattress Discounters

Mattress Discounters in Kemah, TX


By Shane T.

I also checked out a craigslist ad for this place, and when we went to see the mattress in question we decided it definitely wasn't what we wanted. I did try out some mattresses there and talked to the guy who was there about my needs in a mattress, (ie needed firm, not memory foam or I would just need a new mattress in a few months). The display area was pretty small and crowded but there were still quite a few models available to try. He did warn us about another place we were going to check out while in the area, and when we were there we basically got confirmation of the things he was saying. It did take me a while to save up for the mattress, but I called them when I had the money together and ordered a Simmons Beautyrest mattress from them. I just couldn't find a better price elsewhere as everywhere else was looking for a few hundred more for a similar model. I wasn't super impressed by the lone college student that was doing the delivery. If I had been by myself he would have had to drag the king mattress in by himself (I'm just not physically able to help) and the protective plastic probably would have torn on the pavement on the way in. Thankfully I had someone there who could help him. If it hadn't been for the delivery I would have given this place an even higher rating.

Mattress Discounters in Las Vegas, NM


By Diane R.

I purchased a mattress from this store on Thursday morning. I was told I would get a call by 9AM Friday morning with the time of delivery Friday. 2 1/2 hours later, I still am waiting for a call. I spoke to the girl at this store who was calling me back, but 1 hr later I have not heard from her either. I have tried to call the store back but after several attempts I only get a fax machine to ring. I will not recommend this store to anyone. I will make sure that nobody even thinks about going to this store. This is not how CUSTOMER SERVICE works!

Mattress Discounters in Rohnert Park, CA


By A M.

I needed to get a new mattress and boxspring in a very timely manner due to my circumstances and went all over the place, Sleep City, Mancinis, Sears, even Ashleys and nobody offered me better customer service. The guy there was really knowledgeable in beds and helped be not only get the bed when I wanted but got me the bed for LESS then what I was hoping to pay for it! My mom and sister have already bought from them since I did, and they had just as good if not better experiences!Would recommend to EVERYONE!!!! A++

Mattress Discounters in Falls Church, VA


By Michael E.

I bought a mattress, box spring, and bed frame from these people, and I will regret the decision for years. I had just moved into town and was working long hours, so I walked into the store eager to buy a bed and cross this task off my list. In other words, I was an easy mark. First came the long chain of upselling. While their mattresses are cheap, they make their money back with a long and complex list of add-ons. To some extent, I expected this, although I have to admit I wasn't prepared for the length of the list or the lengths to which the saleswoman would play on every little apprehension. It may be cheaper to buy the lesser or do without, she would hint, but do you really want to take this risk? She reassured me, however, with their "guarantee of satisfaction." Don't worry, if after 30 days you aren't satisfied, you aren't stuck with the mattress. There would be a delivery fee and restocking charge, of course, but that struck me as fair. What I didn't catch during her very rapid explanation was that the guarantee only allowed an upgrade to a more expensive mattress. Delivery was a nightmare. Because I was working long hours, I asked a friend stay at my home during the 1:00-4:00 window they offered. To his surprise, the delivery person called at 10:45 and said they were 10-15 minutes away, and could they come early? My friend agreed, figuring that he could save himself four hours of uncertainty, and changed his plans for lunch. The truck never arrived, and nobody called to warn him of any delay. At 3:30, he called Mattress Discounters, only to be told the truck had "broken down." At 7:30, I got a call at my office. Could I take delivery that night? Irritated but unwilling to ask for another favor, I agreed and went home. After multiple phone calls back and forth, the mattress arrived--at 9:30. The mattress sucked, so I went back to the store and met the same saleswoman. Oh no, you can't return the mattress, she said. That's not what I said. Look at the back side of the contract. Would you like an upgrade? Her smirk told me that I hadn't been the first to make this mistake. Indeed, make sure to check out and especially ("Mattress Warehouse attorney Keith Rosa said he doesn't believe there are any serious customer service issues and said he believes many of the 150 complaints filed with are the work of competitors.") I know many of you are reading this and thinking to yourselves, This guy was just a fool, and he should have been more careful or more informed. This is true. However, even though this experience doesn't reflect well upon me, I thought writing it up might spare others the same expensive lesson.