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What Insiders are Saying about McDonalds

McDonalds in Buford, GA


By Horatio B.

The food is, well, McDonald's. And honestly, that's OK. McDonald's is OK when you're really in the mood for it. Breakfast here is good, but lunch and dinner are gonna suck - unless you "habla espanol..." They have never gotten my order correct through the drive-thru, because they don't speak English very well. I took to going inside, because I thought enunciating my words face-to-face would help, but I thought wrong!

McDonalds in Exeter, CA


By Shail P.

The McDonalds in Exeter is a decent place to eat. It isn't very clean at all times and many times they are out of food, or their food tastes stale. Usually there food is warm and made quickly. They have a wide variety but no real speciality. I would rather eat at the Subway across the way. This place is pretty bad.

McDonalds in Dallas, TX


By Sara L.

It was an amazing dining experience!! All the employees were very helpful and the bathrooms were spick and span! I am totally going to that McDonalds again!

McDonalds in Media, IL


By Kcuber 1.

I've live in Media my whole life and we never had a McDonalds until recently. I remember it being better. This McDonalds is still good but the food isn't always the hottest. The staff seems to always be in a hurry.

McDonalds in Sunnyvale, CA


By priya v.

What do you write about a McDonalds? The food is average, fries could be better. For vegetarians, the veggi burger has nothing much mayo in it. Ever since we heard that they add some beef flavorings in the oil in which they fry the fries, we have not been back here.