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What Insiders are Saying about McDonalds

McDonalds in Woodstock, AL


By zach e.

im not a huge fast food eater. but when im in the mood for good burger and fries. i alwasy hit up this mcdonalds. its got a great playground too. not only do they have great food, but their sweet tea is to die for. if youre into that southern kinda thing.

McDonalds in Blue Island, IL


By Angela C.

What can I say about this place. I go to this particular Mc Donalds every week day to get food for my kids. The service is fast and the food is always fresh. I really like that fact that there drive thru moves very quickly.

McDonalds in Arlington, AL


By louis n.

i love mcdonal, and i have to recomend that everyone go to it, just for the mcflurrys, ask fot m$m ones. they are the best. as always it is clean and the price is great. but the best thing is the taste everything tastes like it is heaven. who does not like a good mcdonalds?

McDonalds in Lone Tree, IA


By Rosemary M.

This place is cool. There playland is huge and the kids always have a great time. The restaurant is clean. The staff are friendly and quick. You can order your food frok the playland so you do not need to leave the kids.

McDonalds in Santa Ana, CA


By James R.

The place looks so beautiful from inside and the food smells great and fresh. We are planning to go back here this weekend and I bet eating here will be a regular thing from now on.

McDonalds in New York, NY


By Abul H.

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McDonalds in Escondido, CA


By Megan S.

Typical McDonalds...It's gotta get 5 stars! Especially since it's in a super ghetto area. It's excelent considering that, but it really is just like the rest of the Mcdonalds...mmm mmm good.

McDonalds in Puyallup, WA


By james l.

This is as good as it gets for McDonalds, fast friendly service at a clean older McDonalds. The only drawback is the location its on a one way street, and the street is very busy.

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