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What Insiders are Saying about Michaels Arts & Crafts

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Hiram, GA


By Alison G.

Michaels is a great place to find just what you need in the way of crafts. They have a great selection of just about everything from paint to scrapbooking supplies. They have special sections for wedding and baby shower needs. They also have a wide selection of baskets and other home decor items. The only thing that they don't have is fabric, but they do sell ribbon by the yard. With so much to offer, you should stop by and check out this store.

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Manchester, CA


By Haley C.

I enjoy doing crafts. It is my favorite pass time. This store has a great selection of crafting goods. Not to mention they have great bargins!! I would recommend Michaels to a homeschool mom because of the bargins but also I have yet to see a store w/ their selection. Other wise you need to order all your homeschool crafts out of catologs.

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Bloomingdale, GA


By Jackie G.

Michael's a one of the biggest arts and crafts stores in the immediate area. I am always able to find what I need for my various projects. They have plenty of fabric, yarn, patterns, and everything else you would expect from a crafts store plus a whole lot more!

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Denver, CO


By Lade M.

Great place to go for your scrapbooking, artsy, and creative mind! If you go in just too look around... you will buy something! You just can't help it!

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Springfield, AR


By roohi k.

people who are creative & loves art & craft will definitely love this place. Well I am very much a design fanatic & loves to decorate my home. This store is well known for it's artifical flower collection. & their parices are cheap too. The carry all art & craft supplies. They also have decorating ideas in their store. This store also caarries frames 7 mouldings too. Sometimes they also have special seminars for which they charge a small fee. I also conduct cake decorating 7 sewing classes too from time to time.

Michaels Arts & Crafts in San Mateo, CA


By Mike J.

Don't hate the employees and the lack of service you are finding. It's not the employees that are to blame, it's the corporate office and the impossible policies they put into place. I'm a former Manager and saw a lot of what was going on and it made me sick. All the employees with the exception of the Managers we're demoted to part time with no benefits and at best receive 5, 10 and 15 cent annual increases to cover inflation. I ran a very successful frame shop and was pushed by the DM,GM and AGM to increase sales, push harder and sell expensive frame elements even though the customer didn't want them. It's all about the dollar and unethical. The stores are given a small ration of hours and pages or duties and tasks per week to have complete or suffer the further cut of their average 10-15 hours per week, Michael's was sold to an investment company that only wants figures and not care about the workers or you the customer (in my opinion of course). So next time you go into the store realize that these employees aren't paid enough to pay their bills and feed their kids but these bitches come in expecting them to bow down and kiss their asses while they spend 80+ on scrapbook supplies.

Michaels Arts & Crafts in Westminster, CA


By Mary L.

I love shopping here for the variety and prices. You don't have to be "crafty" to love this store. There is such a great variety, from prints, vases, picture frames, and much more. And of course you can choose to bring in a picture and have the experts frame it for you. They mail out flyers every other week with some great coupons. If you buy something in between that time, you can bring it back within a 7 day period and they will credit you the sale price. This is a very clean, well lit store with big aisles for pushing those baskets. PROS: Valu and Variety CONS: None

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