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What Insiders are Saying about Mobil

Mobil in Ingleside, IL


By Dawn H.

The staff at this gas station are great!They are extremelly friendly and take extra time to chit chat with you.The gas prices and cigarette prices are pretty cheap too. PROS: good staff good prices CONS: n/a

Mobil in Houston, AK


By Dan S.

They are now AutoPros for auto repair, and the convenient location near the freeway was great for me. They had ASE Certified Techs and everything was done without a hitch, and at the price quoted.

Mobil in Brooklyn, NY


By harshil p.

The prices normally are pretty good but on tuesdays and sometimes monday nites its 6 cents off and its great especially when you need super, its 6 cents off super and I believe mobil is pretty good gas. The self service machines work most of the time unlike other places. Overall cant beat a discount

Mobil in La Jolla, CA


By Jay R.

Went in for a Red Bull while getting gas and was welcomed by two employees before reaching the cooler. During the transaction I noticed the guy was in a good mood so I asked why. He just likes working there he said, from the management to the customers, you feel good coming to work. Wow! I need to find a job like that!

Mobil in Falls Church, VA


By Bree F.

Though they are a Sunoco now and not Mobil, the faces are still the same. Todd is the lead mechanic here and he is always around for advice and an honest opinion. I've called Todd from the road when I've had a problem and asked him what to do. He is always there for me and, in return, I don't feel comfortable going to anyone else.