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What Insiders are Saying about Motel 6

Motel 6 in Danvers, IL


By Kristen R.

My husband and I stayed in this Motel 6 for several weeks while we relocated to the area. The hotel itself was in need of a little makeover, but it was very clean. The front desk staff was friendly and took detailed messages whenever realtors called us. My only problem with them was because they used a satellite dish instead of cable, the TV would go out whenever it rained. But for the price, that's really a pretty minor complaint.

Motel 6 in Irving, IL


By Jennifer G.

I really do not like this place as much as i have liked other places. I think that the rooms were a little cramped and it was a little bit out of date. I just didnt like a lot of the things that thise place has. The people at the desk were also very rude and that was a big thing about them. I thought that they should have been a lot more friendly and i think that my stay would have been eight hundred times better.

Motel 6 in Aurora, CO


By Jan P.

Oh my gosh!!! This is the motel you see in your nightmares. The carpet is so loose you could trip over it. If you need soap or a towel, be prepared to lay down your life. My bedspread had cigarette burns clear thru it.

Motel 6 in Rosenberg, TX


By Jennifer S.

This place has gone downhill very quickly in the years since it first opened. I used to recommend them to people traveling from out of town, but I no longer do. The rooms have not been updated and the grounds have not been taken care of very well.

Motel 6 in Las Vegas, NM


By Markham M.

Motel six is a better value cheap hotel chain except in las vegas the rates are way out of the ballpark compared to other low-priced hotels off the strip.

Motel 6 in Everett, MA


By Sherry P.

We first want to tell you that we always enjoy our visits to your Motels. But, we can't find Fox News Channel on your T.V.'s in Wa. State. Could you add that to your T.V. programming?

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