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What Insiders are Saying about Motel 6

Motel 6 in Danvers, IL


By Kristen R.

My husband and I stayed in this Motel 6 for several weeks while we relocated to the area. The hotel itself was in need of a little makeover, but it was very clean. The front desk staff was friendly and took detailed messages whenever realtors called us. My only problem with them was because they used a satellite dish instead of cable, the TV would go out whenever it rained. But for the price, that's really a pretty minor complaint.

Motel 6 in Aurora, CO


By Jan P.

Oh my gosh!!! This is the motel you see in your nightmares. The carpet is so loose you could trip over it. If you need soap or a towel, be prepared to lay down your life. My bedspread had cigarette burns clear thru it.

Motel 6 in Rosenberg, TX


By Jennifer S.

This place has gone downhill very quickly in the years since it first opened. I used to recommend them to people traveling from out of town, but I no longer do. The rooms have not been updated and the grounds have not been taken care of very well.

Motel 6 in Las Vegas, NM


By Steve K.

This is not a bad place if you need a place just to sleep for couple hours , while you're visiting Vegas. The location is great because it's close to the strip. The room is standard and clean. Plus, you can beat the price.

Motel 6 in Brooklyn, AL


By Morgan F.

Had a great time staying here. The rooms were really nice and clean, I would visit here again. The service is also good.