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What Insiders are Saying about Movie Gallery

Movie Gallery in Atlanta, GA


By Carrie P.

I know this is a large chain, but I thought I should write about this particular one. I rented a dvd, then went next door to Publix, left my dvd in the cart and drove home. As soon as I got home I realized the mistake and rushed back. The Movie Gallery worker called my cell phone to say they had it. So, maybe I should be giving credit to the person who gave the movie back instead of taking it themselves and leaving me with a huge late fee.

Movie Gallery in Manchester, CA


By Daniel D.

Movie Gallery is a movie and video game rental store. They do not carry a sufficient amount of copies of video games. The movie selection is not too bad.

Movie Gallery in Hobart, IN


By C S.

I was suprised at how many movies they had. A much bigger selection than Blockbuster, staff was friendly and helpful. A large selection of previously viewed movies for sale too! We go there regularly.

Movie Gallery in Gun Barrel City, TX


By vanessa a.

this is the best movie store on cedar creek lake. they have an awesome selection of rental. the store is kept immaculately clean. the manager gloria is an angel. PROS: good selection CONS: none

Movie Gallery in Montgomery, TX


By Chris F.

I really get sick and tired of Movie Gallery. Okay... let's see.. where do I start? Half of the time I go in there, they don't have what I'm looking for in stock. If it's a guaranteed movie, the new person working there (and there is ALWAYS someone new) is the one I always end up with, and they don't know how to give you a free movie rental credit for a guaranteed movie. Once you GET the movie you want, you take it home and find out there's scratches and damage done to the disc, so you cant even play it. One time (get this) some kid had colored all over a disc with crayon and magic marker. Do these people even LOOK at their own discs? And they have the gall to ask me if I want to purchase their optional "damage protection." Apparently it doesn't matter, since I'm getting movies that are less than a week old that that look like some kid used as their only toy for a day. Movie Gallery sucks, I'm tired of the idiots working there, and I'm tired of their late fees and lousy selection. I go to Blockbuster, and have been going to Blockbuster for years. Why did I try Movie Gallery again? Not sure. Oh well. Funny note: word must be getting around. The other day, Movie Gallery actually called me and left a message saying that if I came in, I would get a free rental. I should have called them back saying I don't want your scratched up free rental. They must be getting desperate.

Movie Gallery in Kirkland, WA


By Stephanie S.

I always seem to find a new movie to rent at the Movie Gallery. They have a large area with thousands of titles. They are much larger in size than Blockbuster. The staff are very friendly and suggest movies with a smile. Their prices are average and allow for multiple day rentals on most titles.