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What Insiders are Saying about New York & Company

New York & Company in Lawrenceville, GA


By Laura A.

New York & Company is located at the Avenue Webb Ginn House. The clothes are nice, however the sales and advertising is very deceiving. They run sales that are buy one, get one 50% off. The signs are located around the store to make it look like everything is covered. It is not!! I picked out several items, and when I went to pay for them, only one of my items was covered. It was very frustrating!!

New York & Company in Saugus, MA


By Michele B.

They have a great selection of casual, and businesswear. They have classy, fun and flirty clothes for young teen to older women. They are reasonably priced, but are always having incredible sales. They have a cute selection of accessories, shoes and sleepwear also. Get on their mailing list. They are always sending out coupons for $30 off of $75 purchases and such...

New York & Company in El Segundo, CA


By Kevin D.

Although I have only had the pleasure of trying their catering service one time at an event, I came away from it marveling that sandwiches definitely don't usually taste this good. The experience left me looking many places and trying many options of avocado in my sandwich, although it's hard to duplicate that first burst of flavor. Excellent stuff here.

New York & Company in New York, NY


By Mike G.

We moved our lawyer's office with 10 employees furniture, file cabinets, executive desks, lots of wardrobes for personal clothes and boxes with pretty much heavy items like our treadmill, desks, few sculptures, paintings, lots of stuff, and we were recommended to call these local NYC movers by our lendlord he used to hire these guys a few times already for the tenants' moves and already has Certificate of insurance done for the biuilding few times before, so we hired them and they were really fast, it took them less than 6 hours instead of the whole day we were expected to spend for this relocation. Fast, prompt, with good Customer service, the move was absolutely stress-free experience. They gave us free boxes and packed our flat screen TVs for free, and it was a rally good move. Thank You Bob, Andrew and Peter for Your job!

New York & Company in Kent, WA


By Jan b.

There are two NYLIC agents in this area--Bob Cannon and Dave Maddock. Both have been in the insurance business for many, many years, and are experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable men, and they care about your needs. Either of them would be excellent to help you plan out your insurance program. PROS: qualified men who can help you plan for the future! CONS:

New York & Company in Bethesda, MD


By S. A.

I have a hard time shopping for clothing items as I am petite. It's hard to find a good selection in the department stores, and the speciality stores get expensive. New York and Company is a great option. I love receiving their email coupons. They have great prices anyway, but the coupons bring me into the store again and again. Highly recommend!

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