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What Insiders are Saying about Nextel Communications

Nextel Communications in Hampstead, NH


By Kerry P.

My brother got a phone from here last month and he has had nothing but problems. I went with him to get the new service plan and the man that was working was so unhelpful I just wanted to walk out. Since my brother got his first bill he has been paying so many expenses that were supposed to be taken care of by this store and they were not. If you want to fight with a company then go here.

Nextel Communications in Hammond, IL


By Tracy S.

My husband and I went here to get phones for our family. The guy working was really helpful and explained all the family plans they had and told us which one would be best for our needs. The phones are great. We would recomend our family and friends here.

Nextel Communications in Santa Fe Springs, CA


By Rebecca R.

It is a waste to purchase one of these nice phones with nextel company since i found that the service is poor in many areas that other phones connected with other companies are working well and are more reliable since a cell phone is needed while you're out or caught in a situation in an emergency maybe and you want to have a reliable good phone that's connected to a company that provides excellent service. Nextel doesn' t give you that however they have great phones.

Nextel Communications in New York, NY


By John L.

I love my NEXTEL phone and the service is okay. I must say howver, that I rarely encounter a helpful representative to expedite my need effectively. Sorry NEXTEL, you need an overhaul. PROS: Nice phones CONS: service plans too expensive

Nextel Communications in Hammonton, NJ


By Barb C.

Anthony is the owner and seems to always be lost. No matter how many times I have to go in this place to fix my phone, but accessories or update my account, the owner seems like he still is in training. He messed up setting my three new phones up and then he forgot to give me a discount. Prices here are like any other Nextel store, but Anthony does try to be nice, just nervous I think. Plenty of parking. PROS: Everything you need for your NEXTEL CONS: owner needs more confidence in sales

Nextel Communications in Palo Alto, CA


By Diana P.

I needed to purchase a new phone, because I destroyed the one I owned. The salesperson was friendly and let me know that it isn't the first time he's seen phones end up in water... The purchase went smoothly and by the time I reached the door, I was able to place a call on my new phone.

Nextel Communications in Herndon, VA


By Lacey c.

please avoid getting nextel cellular service because for starters they are very hiigh and they have the longest wait time on the phone for customer service ever