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What Insiders are Saying about Nordstrom

Nordstrom in Schaumburg, IL


By Jason C.

This is a high end store with high end prices to go along with their clothes. I really like this store because the quality of their clothes are awesome and I still have clothes Ihave purchased from this store 6 years ago that still look like new. The variety of their clothes is good because they stock clothes from lots of different designers. The prices in this store are very expensive compared to other clothes stores. But as they title says you get what you pay for. PROS: High quality clothes CONS: Expensive

Nordstrom in Dallas, GA


By Denise L.

World Class Rating! From California to Texas, Nordstrom consistently delivers top notch service and product. In addition, Nordstrom stands behind the quality of their merchandise. Not sure if it's a learned culture or simply picking the right employees, but Nordstrom has earned a world class distinction most company's only strive to acheive.

Nordstrom in Las Vegas, NM


By Jacqueline M.

You know how sometimes you have such a great shopping experience that you feel like recommending the store and salesperson to everyone in the world? I had one of those tonight. On a quest for some classic professional-looking black pumps, I stopped by Nordstrom at Fashion Show Mall. (Unfortunately, I did not find the shoes I am looking for because this Nordstrom apparently only stocks "trendy" shoes whereas I am looking for the Most Boring Shoes Ever.) While I was there I figured I'd see if maybe I could find a decent bra, since I've gained a little weight over the last six months and none of my bras fit me very well now. I was helped by lingerie sales associate Ariel Berlinger. She took me into the fitting room, measured me, eyed my chest, and declared my bra size. At first my reaction was, "What?! That can't be right," because it was two cup sizes different than what I've been wearing most of my adult life. And I've been "professionally" fitted for bras before (at Victoria's Secret). She went out and came back with a bra, adjusted the straps, and put it on me. I SWEAR THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE BRA I HAVE EVER WORN IN MY LIFE. Immediately, my chest stopped hurting. Then, a minute later, my UPPER BACK stopped hurting. I hadn't realized just how much pain my ill-fitting bras had been causing me until that pain started to fade. It also looked terrific under my knit shirt -- no folds or lumps. I was so impressed with her bra sizing skills that I asked her for her card, and next time I need a bra I plan to call ahead and find out when her shift is so I can ask for her assistance again. She is yet another example of how Nordstrom's salespeople's reputation for superior service and product knowledge is well-earned. If you suspect that you might not be wearing the right bra size too (most women aren't!) I recommend seeing her for a fitting. Nordstrom's bra's are pricy (the comfy Natori memory foam bra I bought tonight was $50) but for something as fundamentally posture- and appearance-affecting as a bra I think it's worth it to buy high quality in the right size. Again, her name is Ariel Berlinger, she's a lingerie sales associate at Nordstrom in the Fashion Show Mall, and her/Nordstrom's (?) telephone number is 702-784-1240. (You don't need an appointment, but you might want to call and check when she's working before going in. Their other sales associates are probably competent too, but Ariel seriously did a better job fitting me and picking out a bra for me than anyone else has ever done in my life.)

Nordstrom in Canoga Park, CA


By Dee R.

If you need high end Salon shoes, you must go to Nordstrom Topanga. They have incredible selection of all the high end name brands. I must also say that my favorite associate there is "Rick". He has been with the company for a long time and really knows his stuff. He knows the styles I like and when something comes in that he thinks I like he pulls a pair and calls me to come try it on. I love that! It's like having a personal shopper who really gets me! Ask for "Rick" when you go there. He's great!

Nordstrom in Garden City, AL


By Nick B.

Nordstroms sells apparel, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Nordstrom is an upscale department store in the United States. Corporate headquarters and the flagship store are in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Nordstrom in Corte Madera, CA


By Delilah S.

The best return policy around. (Saks limits returns - won't accept any watches or jewelry after 30 days. Period. I like to buy gifts early, making this a problem) A cadre of fashionistas are at the ready to put together an ensemble for any occasion (or accessorize the one I bring in) toute de suite.

Nordstrom in Annapolis, CA


By Kimberly A.

The staff at this store are great at helping you with anything that you might need. They are always ready to get you another size or color. They will call and tell you about upcoming sales. The eatery in the store is good quick food and is very family friendly. The shoe department is great for people that don't wear the "average" sizes. The have a wide selection and can always get what you need. For parents with kids, the family restroom and lounges are a must see!

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