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What Insiders are Saying about OfficeMax

OfficeMax in Lilburn, GA


By Nadrat N.

I find all my office needs at Office Max. It is a wonderful environment were I can find anything I need to supply my needs. I enjoy the different things they have their.

OfficeMax in Saugus, MA


By amy r.

I went to Office Max to get some supplies for my home office. I found everything I needed for a fairly reasonable price. It was nice, because I didn't have to deal with the usual retail crowds as in department stores. If you are short on time and need supplies, I definitely recommend!

OfficeMax in Hoffman Estates, IL


By Alyssa C.

Office max is a great place to find what ever you want for your office needs. Office max is a great place to find whatever you may need to go back to school with.

OfficeMax in Fort Worth, TX


By Dede M.

Offive max is a great place to go if your going back to school, doing a project, or opening a business. They have great selections to choose from from everything you can thing of youll need in an office!

OfficeMax in Littleton, CO


By Alyce P.

For all your office supply needs this place is great. They have a huge selection of products. The store is always organized and clean and not to mention highly staffed.

OfficeMax in Henderson, NV


By Marjorie M.

I purchased a fax machine w/o an answering machine; after getting it home, I decided I did want the answering machine after all. Return was no problem; very pleasant experience. The sales team is very polite, helpful, and efficient. In the past, I had a problem with a Palm Pilot I had purchased and they gladly refunded my money with no questions asked. Their prices are very competitive and their customer service is beyond and above Office Depot, CompUSA, and Circuit City.

OfficeMax in Downey, CA


By Mary H.

I love it there!!!!! There is this guy named George who really knows his stuff.he has sold me 2 computers and 3 printers. All the items he recommends always work great.

OfficeMax in Union, NJ


By Filipe f.

Office max is one of the best stores around for any office supplies needed. I go there for all of my office needs, everything from paper clips, to office furniture. I highliy recommend office max, over other inferior stores. I remember once i had a problem, but the wonderful people solved it right away. Keep up the good work office max! PROS: friendly people, has everything for the office CONS:

OfficeMax in Woodbury, CT


By Neil S.

I went in to by a digital camera. None of the sale prices in the circular were reflected in-store. Many models were missing from the display and those that were displayed were no available except the display demo. None were operational; either they were not charged or had no batteries. No one came over to assist me even after I asked for help even though there were three associates available and I was the only shopper in the store. I left and went to Best Buy where they were very courteous and helped me purchase a new camera.

OfficeMax in Walnut Creek, CA


By Tom N.

This store is very poorly managed, and Office Max's On-Line generated Rewards system is extremely Byzantine -- complex and unwieldy. While the sales person I dealt with several times to try to remedy my complaint was pleasant, it was if she had had a lobotomy. The manager, "Tom", didn't even bother to come out of his corner office to address my complaint, and sat in there either cowering or admiring himself in the mirror. I used to be a regular customer @ OM and this store in particular. Do to their actions (or lack thereof), I will never go back. Wish there could be negative stars!

OfficeMax in Kirkland, WA


By Colleen J.

I am very impressed with this store! The employees there are always friendly and helpful. They appear to take real pride in thier jobs and I appreciate that.