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What Insiders are Saying about Orkin Pest Control

Orkin Pest Control in Conyers, GA


By June R.

i had orkin to come out because i had ants. they did the inspection and told me what was needed. i am goin to call them back in the spring to do the job.

Orkin Pest Control in North Richland Hills, TX


By Jennifer S.

Orkin is a Billion-Dollar company that's internationally known. They are top-notch when it comes to Pest Control and I wouldn't go with anyone else! Their treatments and services are eco-friendly yet effective. Their use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods create a confidence and peace-of-mind found only with Orkin. Their services are fairly priced and carry your dollar far, considering most of the treatments last for months before needing reapplication! Their chemicals are a special blend of residuals and non-residuals so the kill is quick but leaves a lasting impression to deter further invasion. I would highly recommend Orkin for all your Pest Control needs!

Orkin Pest Control in Stafford, CT


By Susan t.

Our service is nothing short of excellent! I feel bad because the company calls us repetitively and it always takes me a while to call back due to work schedules, etc. I appreciate the reminder calls and the service itself! We do not have bug problems at all. In fact, I almost take it for granted. Thank you for this opportunity to compliment your services!

Orkin Pest Control in San Diego, CA


By Matthew L.

Orkin was unable to veryify my appointment and the tech no showed. We had an appointment window from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.. Calls for the San Diego office go to a call center. I spoke to Lorraine around 9:00 A.M. and she said a tech was coming out. About 10:15 A.M. I talked to Elsa and she had no record of the call. Talked to the service manager at the local branch and he had not idea what was going on. These people can't schedule an appointment and show up... how will they handle my pest problem?

Orkin Pest Control in San Francisco, CA


By Cindy S.

DO NOT EVER USE ORKIN!!!! I read on this site that orkin has terrible customer service, but does a great job, so I figured I'd give it a try, so long as they took care of the problem. This turned out to be a HUGE mistake because not only did I have to talk to four different, completely unhelpful people who would ask to "call me back" (in Hayward, bay area) every time I gave them a call, the Orkin man had to show up at my apartment TWICE and they still haven't gotten rid of the pest problem. Not only that, but the "Orkin Man" came with only one canister of PRECOR spray and a dust mask, and spent a total of 15 minutes in my 4-bedroom apartment, which of course did not work. He also came an hour AFTER the four hour time frame in which he was supposed to come. So i had to take an entire day off work to wait for the service (BOTH TIMES!) I also requested to have another person come the second time, but it turned out to be the same guy. I am debating on whether I should try to dispute the charge, since services were certainly NOT rendered (despite the fact they treated the apartment twice), but now the "one-month guarantee" is definitely over. (And they generally don't schedule another treatment until at least two weeks after the first service-- which means the one month guarantee is completely fictional) I don't think I will get my money back, or the countless hours and stress I wasted dealing with this purported "number one pest control" company. To say that I am dissatisfied would be a huge understatement, I would advise anyone to spare themselves the trouble and go somewhere else. Having a pest control is stressful enough without having to deal with such a wildly incompetent company.