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What Insiders are Saying about Osco Drug

Osco Drug in Webster, MA


By Victoria O.

I don't shop here too often because there is another store closer to me but this store is an okay experience. They have a good supply of things but I don't like the layout of the store. When I go shopping, I like to go up and down each aisle but with the way the aisles are broken up at one end of the store, it just adds aisles, which takes extra time. Also, when shopping, I have encountered good employees and bad employees so you never know what you're going to get... PROS: Good supply, some good employees CONS: I don't like the layout of the store.

Osco Drug in Plainfield, CT


By Kathy C.

This is a great store for one stop shopping. There is a drug store Osco attached for any toiletries or medicines. They also have a pharmacy. The sales are good and they take coupons.

Osco Drug in San Leandro, CA


By Chelsea E.

Food here was pretty good, I ordered a assortment of rolls and they all seem to taste good. Nothing special but it was decent sushi. There was no one in there but they still took pretty long to get us our rolls. But I think there was only one person working. It was like a one man show. The greeter was the same person as the waiter and the cook. There was no decor and the seats are a bit small but its some alright sushi for the area.

Osco Drug in Bothell, WA


By Andrea B.

The worst food experience me and my family have ever had. I ordered a General Tao entree. Began eating it. I was about 1/4 of the way through my meal when I noticed a black medium length hair in my fried rice. I took the food up to the counter and asked for a refund because I did not want another entree made. The woman who owns the restaurant told my husband that it was not her hair. She actually pulled a piece of her hair out and placed it on a napkin with the other one she pulled out of the rice. She proceeded to say that all we had to do was tell her we did not like the food and not to place hair in it. The woman said it was about the money. My husband pulled out his knot of money and said it was not about money. He told her to keep her $10 and walked away. She then proceeded to the table where me and my family were sitting and getting ready to leave. She then proceeded to state that I put the hair in the food. So I pulled out a piece of my hair. Longer and lighter in color I said it was no way it was my hair. She tell said, well you are with other people. She was telling me that I pulled out my sons hair and put it in my rice. Her husband came out and was yelling in some other language until the woman told him to leave. I kep telling her to walk away so I could leave and she wouldn't. The reason I told her to walk away was because she was standing at the end of our table and in front of the door to leave. She was being confrontational and I personally did not know what I would have done if she would have gotten in my face. It was the WORST experience I have ever had. I would not recommend this place to my worse enemy!! The food was ok until I came upon the hair. The service was horrible and the customer service skills was atrocious. I could not give the place no stars but would have if I could. Apparently, in this place the customer is not only wrong but deceiving enough to put hair in their own food, how pathetic!!

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