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Pac Sun opened its first mall location in 1981 and caters to kids and teens wearing surf, skate and snowboard clothing. Find Pac sun locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Pac sun

Pac sun in Buford, GA


By Conrad G.

Has the best hats and shirts but I wish they still sold a wide variety of vans. I came to get some sick as Fox hats but ended up getting two elements and some Fox and Volcom shirts. I don't care for DC much because everyone wears that. I will shop here in the future.

Pac sun in Swansea, MA


By Allie B.

Pac Sun at the Swansea mall has the cutest clothes. They have great sales but the regular prices are kind of high on things. They always have new things though. The womans perfume and the mens cologne are wonderful too; my favorite.

Pac sun in Bourbonnais, IL


By Megan B.

I was accused of stealing at this store and when I proved them wrong I didn't even get an apology. I will never shop at this store again. My boyfriend took me there to return some items and he found some things that he wanted to purchase. We were standing in line while they took their time to get to us not knowing that the reason why was because they thought I had stolen a bracelet that I was wearing, which I had purchased there. Upon checking out one employee told me she liked my bracelet. I told her thanks that I bought it there. Then the other employee asked if I needed her to cut the tag off, which there was no tag I bought the thing weeks ago. I told her the receipt that I had just brought in to return items had where I paid for this item on it, which I told her to keep the receipt I no longer needed it. My boyfriend paid for his things but upon leaving turned around and took his things back because we were so offended. We shop there all the time and were both wearing a lot of things that we have purchased from Pac Sun. When he said he wanted his money back for his things both employees laughed about it. Then he told them we were both offended at the way they came at me accusing me of stealing and didn't even get an apology. I will never shop there again.

Pac sun in Denver, CO


By Nina D.

Pac Sun has cute surfer clothes for when you want to pretend you actually live near a beach in California instead of in Denver. I like their T-shirts, although they are a little expensive for what you get.

Pac sun in Houston, AK


By N G.

PacSun sells many california inspired clothes and has all the surfing brand names such as roxy, billabong, lilu and more. They sell swimsuits, tee shirts, jeans, and accesories along with shoes and other items related to surfing or skating. The store is california /surfer themed which you will notice when you walk right in. They also have many types of jewelry and flip flops for anyone, not just teenagers! The store is kind of pricey but teenagers love it so anything you buy from there is going to be liked. Sometimes they have jeans on sale for 10 to 15 bucks and everyone wants to grab the great bargain. Recommended for anyone with teenagers into the California scene or just someone looking for great clothes

Pac sun in West Nyack, NY


By janice p.

pac sun is really great especially for backpacks they are great i totally recommend it i love the backpack i got it is more for older kids and if i was a surfer i wouldnt leave it bring the beach to the mall

Pac sun in Pottstown, PA


By Robyn L.

Pacific Sunwear carries clothing suited for the casual male's needs. They carry summer-type styles including t-shirts, baggy pants, comfortable items. This is a good place to pick up weekend clothing for the male who dresses for business during the week or everyday clothing for your kids before they leave for camp.

Pac sun in San Diego, CA


By Lisa C.

I really like this store because it has a lot of brand names but they have really awesome sales when compared to similar stores. However, I didn't like how everything was crammed in there, it's almost as if they have too much stuff for the space available. PROS: Sales CONS: Space

Pac sun in San Bruno, CA


By Samantha T.

well, they have really cute, high quality clothes but sometimes it costs alot. but i really like it alot. and they make alot of cool stuff. i go there alot and spend alot of money there. a lot of the times i get clothes that last me alot of time. they also have ALOT of cute shoes and ALOT of cute underwear. i really suggest you go there alot. PROS: Alot of great clothes CONS: alot of high prices, but theres also alot of low prices too.

Pac sun in Puyallup, WA


By Erin R.

This store is a favorite for my son. You can find all sorts of trendy and name brand apparel and footwear here. Prices are not inexpensive, but they have good sales and clearance items. Staff is always pleasant and unobtrusive when you shop.