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What Insiders are Saying about Panda Express

Panda Express in Roswell, GA


By Christy R.

This is the best Panda Express restaurant I've ever been in. The place is absolutely spotless. The hot and sour soup is fabulous, egg rolls are light and flaky, and every entree I've tried has been wonderful. PROS: Delicious food in a spotless facility prepared by a friendly staff. CONS: If you get there too close to closing time, your selections may be limited.

Panda Express in Cambridge, IA


By E T.

In the food court, it's not like you're expecting great food cuz u go to the mall to shop, not eat. So, yeah, it's very affordable. Kind of on the greasy side, but you know -- sometimes you have that craving for some greasy chinese food- -- fried rice and chicken wings. yum. just order a gallon of water to drink afterwards.

Panda Express in San Diego, CA


By MarkAnthony C.

Pretty good for a "cookie cutter" food chain. Portions are sufficient, and the price is nice, but nothing really stands out for a ??Must have.?

Panda Express in Frederick, CO


By Patrick C.

Listen, this was the best chinese food I have ever had, and I love food. I've been to many many different chinese restaurants whether they be sit down or buffet style, and the taste of this Panda Express honestly surpassed them all (for a much less price). Me and my sister were on our way to visit family up north when we decided to stop for food. We couldn't decide on anything, but we both like chinese food so there we were. This was our first time at a Panda Express. I mistakenly asked for General Tso's (my favorite before I went to Panda) and was told to get their Orange Chicken instead. It was better than any General Tso's I have ever had. The Wontons were great too!!!! It tasted healthier then most chinese places, I don't really know why, but it did. I can't support that statement scientifically though. It's about 5-7 bucks depending on how many entree items you get, and they serve it to you quick! If you ever get a chance to try one, TRY IT!! What do you have to lose?! 5/5 Stars