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What Insiders are Saying about Panda Express

Panda Express in Lawrenceville, GA


By Sandra k.

this business has a great friendly feeling when you walk in they specialize in chinese food take out and eat in they give you so much food and there prices are great the location is great also there food taste real good there is nothing about this business that I hate PROS: great location CONS: there are no cons

Panda Express in Cambridge, IA


By E T.

In the food court, it's not like you're expecting great food cuz u go to the mall to shop, not eat. So, yeah, it's very affordable. Kind of on the greasy side, but you know -- sometimes you have that craving for some greasy chinese food- -- fried rice and chicken wings. yum. just order a gallon of water to drink afterwards.

Panda Express in San Diego, CA


By MarkAnthony C.

Pretty good for a "cookie cutter" food chain. Portions are sufficient, and the price is nice, but nothing really stands out for a ??Must have.?

Panda Express in Bethesda, MD


By Shantice J.

I love the freshness of the food and the warm temperature. I cannot stand cold food and this place is a plus. I love the orange chicken and the lo mein. I also love the fact that you can buy a decent meal for under $10.